• Memo to Evan Davis: DO YOUR JOB!


    In one of the most blatant examples of bias, Newsnight presenter Evan Davis certainly earned his Eurostars last night with his interview with the Polish politician Radosław Sikorski, Marshal of the Sejm until 23rd June 2015.

    The Marshal of the Sejm also known as Sejm Marshal is the Chairman or Speaker of the Sejm, the lower house of the Polish parliament.

    Evan Davis allowed Radosław Sikorski to get away with a statement completely without challenge!

    Commenting on the UK’s trade position with the EU, Radosław Sikorski (correctly) pointed out that whilst the UK does 50% of its trade with the EU, the EU only does 10% of its trade with the UK. Radosław Sikorski then commented to the effect that “…it is clear who has the advantage….”


    Now, if Evan Davis had been DOING HIS JOB – we assume this is being an interviewer (in a Democracy) – asking probing questions he would have asked this question:

    “What is the DIRECTION of that trade?”

    You see, the UK has a TRADE DEFICIT with the EU.

    That means the EU exports more goods and services to the UK than the UK exports goods and services to the EU.

    What does this mean?

    The world has changed since 1st January 1973. The simple FACTS are that what already has been negotiated by the WTO and the EU for any member of the WTO not having made a bilateral trade agreement with the EU – i.e.; the “default position” – IS A GOOD DEAL FOR THE UK!

    The EU has more to gain by making a bilateral trade agreement with the UK than not.

    UKIP however are WRONG to assume that there will be a satisfactory trade agreement will be agreed following Brexit.

    FAILURE to reach agreement is a HIGHLY LIKELY SCENARIO. Political considerations often override common sense. The existence of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is PROOF of that!

    What does this mean?

    This means that the standard default WTO tariffs would hit the EU HARDER than they hit the UK.

    Remember, the UK ALREADY succeeds in exporting many goods and services to countries that apply WTO tariffs!

    That the UK will be BETTER OFF OUT!

    Our job MUST be to make these simple points to the public.

    That Cameron is going for “Associate Membership” – something this organ has repeatedly pointed out – is borne out by the latest report from the Bruges Group on the subject.

    GOTO: http://www.brugesgroup.com/eurenegotiationbrief.pdf

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