• Nigel’s little helper is revealed!

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    Above, an intricate brooch from Graff Diamonds of 6-8 New Bond Street, London SW1 3SJ. This beautiful object (containing 38.37 cts diamonds and the 144.27 carved emerald) can be purchased from: https://www.graffdiamonds.com/#/jewels/category/unique/jewel/carved-emerald-diamond-brooch-2/
    Yesterday, David Chameleon – sorry Cameron – our Dearly Beloved Prime Minister made a speech. The location was at the heart of the British establishment: the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) in London. At the same time Mr Chameleon posted a letter to the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk.

    The speech and the letter were as intricately crafted as the above emerald or other fine jewels encountered by such as Mr John Benjamin, the jewellery expert on the BBC’s “Antiques Roadshow.”

    Furthermore, British Gazette readers will know that the PM’s desires will cost us all as taxpayers far more than the cost of that intricate brooch, that doubtless this organ’s female readers would love to have.

    The reason for the letter’s intricacy of course was demonstrated by it’s effects. You see the letter had two audiences. The first was Mr Tusk who will have noted what the letter was: a letter that outlined the areas in which the UK would be seeking change. And that was all it was! It is VERY IMPORTANT that British Gazette readers realise this!

    Mr Chameleon stated: [the letter's purpose is] “not to describe the precise means, or detailed legal proposals, for bringing the reforms we seek into effect” [that] “is a matter for the negotiation, not least as there may, in each case, be different ways of achieving the same result” Mr Chameleon wanted “…… a clear basis for reaching an agreement that would, of course, need to be legally-binding and irreversible – and where necessary have force in the Treaties……”

    Unfortunately, the second audience (those campaigning to leave the EU) drew entirely the WRONG conclusion (which is of course what Mr Chameleon was hoping for) and went off at a tangent stating that Mr Chameleon’s DEMANDS (there weren’t any!) fell far short of what was wanted!

    Oh Dear! One Nil to Mr Chameleon!

    And now to the Chatham House address:

    Here Mr Chameleon shed more light on the proceedings than he did in his letter. Mr Chameleon stated: [there were] “two sorts of members of the European Union.”

    There are those states using the Euro and there are those states not using the Euro.

    Now this may appear to be a statement of the blindingly obvious. But British Gazette readers know that we are living in treacherous times when every comma and word have to be minutely examined – just as Mr Benjamin would examine the Graff brooch. In this regard, it is like living in the England of ‎6 Hen. 8 – 7 Hen (1515 AD).

    Mr Chameleon went on to make another statement of the blindingly obvious: His letter remarked that there would be “profound implications for both types of members” and declared that there should be “a British model of membership that works for Britain and for any other non-Euro members.” Mr Chameleon declared this was: “a matter of cardinal importance for the United Kingdom.”

    Now let us examine Mr Chameleon’s statement contained in the above paragraph in the light of the FACTS and not fiction.

    We know (it is in the Lisbon Treaty) that ALL EU members except those who do not have an opt out should be in the Eurozone.

    This would mean that based on the present circumstances the UK and Denmark would be the only EU members not in the Eurozone after 2020.

    We also know that the Eurozone will have to undergo a transformation by 2020 if it wishes to exist beyond that date.

    We also know that this will effectively mean a central economic government at the federal (Brussels) level.

    Previous British Gazette articles have concluded that this betokens a Brexit. It now appears however slightly different. This is because there are voters in those other EU member states not keen on becoming part of a Eurozone with it’s new centralised structure. It thus appears that the European Union is undergoing a process of change.

    It seems there is to be TWO Europes: the “inner” part that is the Eurozone and the “outer” part that is not the Eurozone.

    It is at this point that your Editor must bring you back to look at the very basis for putting together the whole EU project in the first place.

    As you will know Dear Reader, the whole European project has been built upon a stack of LIES!

    So would it not be just a little odd if such as Mr Chameleon suffered a sudden attack of honesty?

    You know Dear Reader that the EU is primarily a POLITICAL exercise.

    It is vitally important not to loose sight of this.

    As the Mists of Mendaciousness clear, it is clear that what now emerges is a desire on the part of some non Eurozone members to retain their status outside the Eurozone as they are not prepared to make the additional secessions of Sovereignty necessary for entry.

    This is one factor British Eurorealists continually FAIL to take into account: the views of those in other EU member states.

    What Mr Chameleon’s latest statements DO make clear is that the suppositions contained in this organ’s article of the 3rd November might have been a little wide of the mark: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2015/11/03/the-norway-option-the-truth/
    The reason why we may have been wide of the mark is that we had credited Mr Chameleon with just a little honesty! In this we were clearly mistaken. In the British Gazette comment at the end of our article of 29th October: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2015/10/29/desperate-dave-goes-to-iceland/ we concluded (it now appears incorrectly) that Mr Chameleon could not possibly be either so naive or deluded as to think Germany would allow the UK to be the leader of a European outer ring.

    It appears that Mr Chameleon’s plan may go something like this:

    The Eurozone (of necessity) reforms itself into effectively a federal superstate and the periphery gets some competences returned to it and has these and the existing competences guaranteed to remain. That is the bit about getting rid of “ever closer union.” That since the UK will be the largest – both in terms of population size and economic output – member state in the periphery”leadership” of the periphery will fall to the UK whilst the leader of the inner core will of course be Germany.
    Now for a reality check!
    Germany is of course not going to hand over control of the outer ring to the UK.

    Anybody who thinks that believes that you can power a steel works with wind turbines!

    Yes Mr Hammond! This means YOU!

    What of course would transpire in such an arrangement is that yes indeed the UK will have “leadership” of the periphery – but ONLY with German consent!

    Why would Mr Chameleon agree to such an arrangement?

    Because he is a traitor many will reply.

    But let us look past the invective.

    We can already see that Mr Chameleon along with his predecessors since the 1970s has been in a similar relationship (the UK being the glove and another power being the hand) insofar as the UK’s membership of the UN Security Council was concerned.

    By the 1970s it was apparent that the UK and France no longer justified their possession of the Permanent Membership status on the Security Council. This anachronistic arrangement has continued unchanged as the USA – the largest contributor to the UN budget – has felt it to be in it’s interest. Of course there has been a price to pay by the UK. That has been an increasing requirement to be supportive of US Foreign Policy and for the UK to align its foreign policy with that of the USA. This is the “Special Relationship.”

    It appears that Mr Chameleon is set to make a similar arrangement with Chancellor Merkel!

    Why would Mr Chameleon be prepared to put up with such an arrangement. For the same reasons as he puts up with the “Speical Relationship” – prestige and vanity. “Vanity! Thy name is Europhile!”

    Let us repeat: the EU is primarily a POLITICAL project.

    British Gazette readers may or may not know that the Royal Navy is experiencing a critical personnel crisis. Readers will know that the number of warships has decreased dramatically over the years but recently the Royal Navy has reached the parlous state where it can not find enough crews to fully man (sorry person) the few ships it has. A painful example is to be found in the two new aircraft carriers. The RN can find crews to man one carrier or four escorting destroyers: BUT not both! This is rather awkward if the carrier is intending to head into a war zone! This, notwithstanding the fact that the carrier would have no fixed wing aircraft!

    In other words: no fighter jets to bring down attacking aircraft and no shipborne surface to air missiles to bring down those pesky attacking aircraft.

    This is what passes for modern UK defence policy!

    There is of course a solution: additional crews from other EU member states. Therefore in addition to that friendly and competent Polish plumber we are going to have Polish seaman.
    NB: Many older British Gazette readers will recall that in WW2 the Polish aircrews were some of the bravest and finest airman and were the absolute scourge of the Luftwaffe!
    This would however mean a joint force. But there are those who would say that the UK has been part of joint forces for many years. But not like this.

    OK Dear Reader, you can now shout Traitor!

    Before all these BAD THINGS can happen of course, Mr Chameleon has the little local difficulty in the form of the requirement to win the EU Referendum!

    Unfortunately, he appears to be doing rather well!

    And now back to basics!

    What you must NOT loose sight of Dear Reader is what Mr Chameleon is. He is a seasoned Tory tactician. And he is a very good one!

    Unfortunately he is a LOT better than many on our side!

    Mr Chameleon knows that the voters [in the referendum] can be put in three groups.

    There are those like Messrs. Clegg, Heseltine and Miliband. These unfortunates will vote to STAY in any and all circumstances. Mr Chameleon knows he has their votes. Then there are those such as the doughty Chairman of UKIP’s St. Ives and the Isles of Scilly branch. Mr Chameleon knows that Hell would have to freeze over before this patriotic gentleman would support such a treacherous thing. Therefore Mr Chameleon is not going to expend any effort trying to win this gentleman over.

    It is clear that Mr Chameleon is going to take a leaf out of his predecessor Tony (Consultant to Despots) Blair’s book and pursue a “middle road” where he will appear to be the voice of common sense between the two extremes.

    This is because Mr Chameleon knows that most British voters are cautious and wish to “play it safe.” These good folk do not like the idea of “ever closer union” and Mr Chameleon has come to the opinion that if he can offer these folk something and he can portray himself as occupying the “centre ground” he can get enough of their votes which when added to the votes of such as Messrs. Clegg, Heseltine and Miliband will get him past the 50% mark and victory.

    It is of course very early days but Mr Chameleon should be feeling fairly pleased with his efforts so far.

    There is however one potential fly in the ointment!

    This particular fly is one that it is VERY difficult to ignore!

    The name of this fly?

    Nicola of Irvine!

    Yes, British Gazette readers will be quite familiar with the hectoring tones of this Scottish lady. Ms Sturgeon is very difficult to ignore, unless you are deaf!

    Mr Chameleon is of course very grateful to Ms Sturgeon for it was she who obtained his majority for him!

    Unfortunately (for Mr Chameleon, not the UK) this Ayrshire lass has her own particular agenda which clashes with Mr Chameleon’s!

    You can be sure that the lass from Ayrshire will use the referendum to pursue her goal of so called “independence” for Scotland just as you can be sure that Mr Farron will vote for the UK to remain in the EU.

    The Ayrshire lass will do this by demanding (unsuccessfully) that Scotland be given a veto in that all four parts of the UK must vote in favour to effect a Brexit.

    It is this demand and her demands for Scottish secession that may cause her to become “Nigel’s little helper” and not “Dave’s little helper.” You see, the one thing the English voter does not like is being threatened. The tactic “Vote this way of else!” invariably ends in utter failure! But then of course FAILURE is EXACTLY what this very clever Scottish Lady is aiming for!

    She knows that were England to vote to Leave the EU whilst Scotland voted to Stay in the EU, the pressure for a second referendum would be overwhelming and victory for the SNP would be a near certainty.

    British Gazette readers will remember at the last referendum on Scottish secession there was much talk about the mechanics and nature of Scotland remaining a member of the EU – something that most Scots appear to want.

    Were the English to vote for Brexit, the situation would immediately become clarified. To OUR (the Eurorealists advantage). You see Ms Sturgeon would suggest that Scotland could “take over” the UK’s membership of the EU which would simply mean a few name changes and a reduction in the number of MEPs sent to the EU Parliament.

    Were this to happen, England and Wales (along with Northern Ireland) could be ejected from the EU.

    Such a dramatic change would be unlikely. It is far more likely that Scotland would replace the UK after a negotiation. It is probable that Scotland would be required to join the Eurozone. This would have advantages for England.

    Of course there are many readers horrified at this organ’s apparent relaxed attitude towards the prospect of a break-up of the UK. However, this could well be the case of regaining sovereignty for the vast majority at the expense of a small minority. The ship sank but we managed to get 95% of the passengers and crew into the lifeboats. The stubborn 5% refused to leave the ship and went down with it.
    Presumably, if Nicola’s efforts succeed in getting England out of the EU many will feel like clubbing together to buy Nicola that brooch!

    • I think I have misunderstood your article: I thought the sole purpose of Mr Chameleon’s letter to Mr Tusk, was to assure him and their Dear Friend Angela, that he had no intention of making any serious effort to leave the EU.

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