• The LEAVE strategy explained: Personalities NOT Politics!

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    One of the many statements the late Anthony Neil Wedgwood Benn, The Right Honourable, The Viscount Stansgate will be remembered for is the phrase; “it is not about personalities, but policies.”

    How WRONG he was.

    And he probably knew it!

    Tony Benn however did come up with some great statements however. Like the Five Powerful Questions, above. Questions that should be put to Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission!

    The FACT is that most voters pay scant attention to political arguments. Most take little interest in politics. For them it is about personalities. Known personalities. They will identify a cause with a personality. In other words they will “put a face” on an issue.

    The other aspect that EuroRealists HAVE to take account of is this: KNOW WHO YOUR OPPONENT IS!

    Now for some shock news!

    Our opponent is NOT Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission!

    It is Mr David Chameleon.

    We also have to recognise WHO and WHAT are his supporters – those working to ensure that Mr Chameleon wins and the UK remains shackled to the European superstate.

    It is also vital we rank Mr Chamelon’s supporters in their order of importance and apply our limited resources accordingly.

    Mr Chameleon’s most powerful supporters are in order:
    1. The Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat.
    2. The remaining broadcast media.
    3. The broadsheet press.
    4. Other Europhile media.
    5. Other Europhile politicians.

    The British Gazette was pleased with UKIP Leader Nigel Farage’s statement of 9th October, 2015: “I’ve given my support to Leave.EU which aims to engage the British public and has an amazing 200,000 registered supporters in its first seven weeks.

    “Equally, I support the pro-business arguments that have been made by Vote Leave today. Arguments that UKIP have been making for over 20 years.

    “But we have to get outside of Westminster to reach millions of people who don’t normally vote and for whom controlling our borders and having pride in our country are the biggest issues.

    “I believe these campaigns are aiming at different audiences and are complementary not contradictory. Ultimately, I hope that we have one campaign that operates on a number of levels.”


    Firstly any competent General will seek to establish from which direction the enemy is attacking.
    Secondly, the nature of the enemy’s attack.

    Happily (for us) we ALREADY KNOW THIS!

    Our enemy will seek to divide our supporters and then attack from the centre ground. In military terms: distract and draw off our flanks with feints and apply the main body of his army to the centre ranks.

    Remember, Mr Chameleon’s principal fighting force will be the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat!

    That will be the strategy, what will be the tactics?


    They will concentrate their attack by concentrating on Nigel Farage.

    Whilst this would appear to be a fatal blunder, it is not. Remember, the Conservative Party have been around for a long time. These people know how to fight elections. And win! We are not going up against a novice!

    Tory Europhile tacticians know that Nigel Farage is the classic “Marmite Politician” – voters either love him or hate him. Furthermore, he is and will be the most recognisable FACE associated with the LEAVE campaign. This means that even if UKIP tacticians do not wish to make him the “poster boy” of the LEAVE campaign the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat most assuredly will!

    Mr Chameleon’s tactics have been outlined in our earlier article: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2015/11/11/nigels-little-helper-is-revealed/ We will briefly reprise them:

    Mr Chameleon knows that die hard Europhiles such as Lib-Dem activists and die hard Eurorealists such as UKIP activists are going to vote Stay/Leave respectively. Mr Chameleon knows that he has to persuade as many undecided uncommitted voters – the majority – to vote for him. He knows that these good people for the most part are not happy with three quarters of the UK’s laws being decided in Brussels and their preference would be to leave were it not for fears that leaving would end up being in a worse situation. Therefore Mr Chameleon has to present a plausible case suggesting the “safe bet” is to go with the agreement that he Mr Chameleon has got and that whilst it may not be 100% it is better than ending up with nothing.

    This is not to say that Mr Chameleon does not run any risks by having the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat make Nigel “the poster boy” – this is because Nigel Farage is the most effective anti EU campaigner in the UK today. Unfortunately his efforts will result in causing many folk to decide to vote for the UK to STAY because they do not like him.

    So the question we must ask ourselves is this:

    How do we counter this?

    Removing Nigel from the campaign would be counter productive. It would be disposing of a huge asset. What we have to do is to deploy a counter weapon. What would this be? We hear you ask Dear Reader.

    Not what but who we answer. That “who” no less than Nicola Sturgeon! Ably assisted by the 56 Scottish MPs at Westminster.
    Baked to perfection!

    You see, whilst many of the liberal minded good people of middle England don’t like Nigel, they don’t like being hectored by angry Scottish politicians demanding that Scotland has a veto!

    In addition to our 57 varieties, we are also going to be ably assisted by such as the Unfortunate Miliband and Comrade Corbyn. This dismal duo can be counted upon to shoot themselves in the foot – which is so much better than having to get Nigel to do it – by either agreeing with or not actively disputing La Sturgeon’s demands!

    Now why, some of you may ask would La Sturgeon want to help us?

    Because she has her own agenda.

    What La Sturgeon wants above all things is Scottish secession from England. Thus she will seek to antagonise as many English voters as possible in order to bring about a situation where Scotland votes to STAY and England votes to LEAVE!

    Now, British Gazette readers will be familiar with the adage: “My enemy’s enemy is my friend!”

    This is generally an unprincipled and often a dangerous strategy – but often effective.

    Our problem will be in Mr Chameleon’s two most powerful supporters; the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat and the remaining broadcast media. This is because they will seek to reduce the coverage given to La Sturgeon’s pronouncements precisely because they realise that they will be counter productive – to their Europhile cause!

    Remember the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat is kicking itself for giving La Sturgeon the air time it did – which had the result of handing Mr Chameleon a majority! They will not want to make that mistake again!

    Therefore we should seek to ensure that La Sturgeon’s pronouncements get maximum coverage!

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