• The slowest suicide in history: Sweden: Probable flashpoint of the Great European Civil War?

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    Above, a young lady saying, “Skål!” (Cheers!).

    Suicides are not normally long drawn out affairs. For an officer and a gentlemen tradition has it as a downing a generous measure of a fine Scottish Malt in a heavy Waterford lead crystal tumbler glass and then the denouement delivered by a Webley service revolver.

    Sweden’s suicide however appears to have taken 55 years! From 1975 when Sweden began it’s disastrous “experiment” with multiculturalism ending in 2030 when based on projections, ethnic Swedes will have become a minority in their own country – but then their country will no longer be theirs.

    Today’s article in the Daily Mail about Sweden has described without the invective what Mr Condell has already described in his You Tube excoriations. Hypertext links to each are at the bottom of this article.

    Herewith some statistics gleaned from the Daily Mail article:

    In 1975 (before the migrants arrived) there were 421 rapes reported. Which of course is 421 too many.

    In 2014 the figure was 6,620 – an increase of 1,472%!

    It is the statistics for rape offences and sexual offences in general that mark Sweden out. The Daily Mail reports that by 2010 the statistics showed 63 rapes per 100,000 population – the second highest in the world.

    Sweden now has the highest rate of rape in Europe, with the UN reporting 69 rape cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 2011, according to author and advocate of power feminism Naomi Wolf on opinion website Project Syndicate.

    “According to rape crisis advocates in Sweden, one-third of Swedish women have been sexually assaulted by the time they leave their teens. According to a study published in 2003, and other later studies through 2009, Sweden has the highest sexual assault rate in Europe, and among the lowest conviction rates” – Naomi Wolf.

    A 2010 Amnesty report said: “In Sweden, according to official crime statistics, the number of reported rapes has quadrupled during the past 20 years. In 2008, there were just over 4,000 rapes of people over 15, the great majority of them girls and women.”

    Herewith a UN chart:At this point, the politically correct such as Poly Toynbee will expostulate and ask: “What has this to do with diversity in Sweden?”

    The answer to her question is one that will cause her great distress as it is extremely politically incorrect!

    The answer of course is: because of the way the majority of the offenders perceive their victims – because most of the offenders are Muslim men. This is because these particular Muslim men would regard the young lady at the top of this article as “Kuffar.” They would have noted the young lady’s dress and appearance and having observed that not only is her face and hair uncovered, so too are her shoulders and her arms. Not to mention her legs. They would also note that the young lady has consumed alcohol – a serious crime in an Islamic state, punishable by imprisonment and flogging. As a result they will have regarded this young lady as a whore and because of their belief that not only is the woman “kuffar” but a whore as well they are perfectly entitled to wrestle her to the ground and to force themselves into her.
    For a definition of “kuffar” GOTO: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Kuffar
    The Editor realises this is a MOST controversial assertion. You may well as Dear Reader: “What is your evidence that an offender could use Islam to justify such actions? The answer is provided below: This is a You Tube video of a Muslim woman explaining the situation:It is clear then that Sweden is on course for disaster. Given the present influx of migrants (mostly Muslim) the end of Sweden as it has been is unstoppable.

    The results are depressingly predictable.

    When the Muslims become the majority – and possibly before – they will seek to take control and have Sweden become an Islamic state. Faced with loosing what is left of the secular democracy ethnic Swedes will be presented with three choices:
    1. Leave and become refugees themselves.
    2. Surrender and accept the formal status of “kuffar.”
    3. Fight.

    Many Swedes will recall Emiliano Zapata’s famous words: Det är bättre att dö på din fot än att leva på knä (It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.)
    Herewith the Daily Mail article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3317978/Torn-apart-open-door-migrants-Sweden-seen-Europe-s-liberal-nation-violent-crime-soaring-Far-Right-march-reports-SUE-REID.html
    Herewith Mr Condell’s website: http://www.patcondell.net/

    Let us remember one FACT: Sweden, unlike France or the UK did not establish a colonial Empire in the 19th Century. Apart from the ethnic population in the far north, it was racially homogeneous society up until 1975. The question that should be asked therefore about Sweden’s policy of encouraging diversity is: WHY?

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