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    Above, Nicola Sturgeon sporting a jacket in UKIP colours! Yesterday’s article had as it’s title, Paris: Quel avenir? (What next?). Today we revert back to English with “Where next?”

    In our previous article of 12th November http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2015/11/12/the-leave-strategy-explained-personalities-not-politics/ we explained how we should take advantage of Nicola Sturgeon and her fifty six SNP MPs threatening secession were England to vote to leave the EU.

    We also suggested that the campaign is likely to be centred around Nigel Farage.

    This is because we will not control the campaign. The media will control the campaign and chief amongst these will be the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat and ITN.
    These organisations will focus on Nigel as the voice of the Leave Campaign.

    They will do so because he is the one instantly recognisable face in the Leave campaign insofar as the General Public are concerned.

    Be under NO DOUBT: The Stay In campaign will be counting on this. They know that Nigel Farage is the Marmite Man – the man most people have an opinion about!

    The referendum campaign proper will essentially be Nigel against the establishment with most government minsters and opposition leaders singing more or less off the same hymn sheet. Other personalities will be a few Tory MP’s who will stand alongside Nigel.

    FACT: Most members of the public do not spend much time and thought into examining the details. They just follow their own innate prejudices and/or gut feeling.

    FACT: Our problem is that the benefits of and exit strategy for leaving the EU is VERY DETAILED.

    What Nigel HAS TO DO is to present to the public an EXIT STRATEGY.

    This is a BIG PROBLEM. Why?

    Because Nigel is concentrating on immigration and free movement of people.

    He is doing this for good reason. Many people are concerned about this.

    The problem is that the one practical, “doable” means of exiting the EU is to leave the EU and join EFTA and the EEA. This is because the treaties and the mechanism has already been set up – although not this purpose – and it is therefore “doable.”

    This is of course the famous “Norway Option” – the one described by Mr Chameleon as having less influence. Which is of course a LIE!

    The problem with the “Norway Option” is the Free Movement of People. This was explained in our article of the 3rd November: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2015/11/03/the-norway-option-the-truth/
    This is the dilemma! The Norway Option is the ONLY practical and doable Brexit strategy there is.

    So this is the creek which the Leave campaign appears to be paddling into.

    Responding to the public’s concerns about employment and identity whilst offering no workable solution!

    So what could Nigel do?

    He could state that dealing with the Free Movement of People CANNOT be done at the same time as revising this country’s relationship with the EU.

    Were Nigel to present the Norway Option as the Leave campaign’s Brexit plan and state that once outside the EU we could, with our colleagues in EFTA look again at all aspects of the EEA including the Free Movement of People, it would present a practical alternative to EU membership.

    In doing this Nigel would have to draw the voter’s attention to the detail of Mr Chameleon’s LIES about the Norway Option. If Nigel was well briefed on the detail of this, he could in a head to head debate with Mr Chameleon deliver a fatal blow.
    Nigel’s problem is that Mr Chameleon will avoid such a confrontation at all costs.
    Nigel’s problem is that he is not in control of the referendum debate – that is largely in the hostile hands of Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat and ITN.

    So Nigel is addressing many voters concerns about immigration whilst at the same time offering no immediate solution and what could be constituted as a solution is not certain as it would have to be agreed with other countries.

    Nigel is doing this because he knows that voters have little time or interest to spend on looking at fine details. He knows that he will not be able to debate with Mr Chameleon.

    So here Nigel is, in the canoe paddling up the creek which is the mouth of the Fluvius Merda. He has an audience with little interest in detail and an opponent refusing to debate.

    Nigel therefore has to emulate an expert in Judo. In Judo the art and the skill is to use your opponent’s strength against them and to your advantage.

    So let is reprise the situation:

    - We know that Mr Chameleon is not wanting to go into details about the British Model.
    - We know the Europhiles control the media, so the debate will be stacked against us.
    - We know that we are not presenting details of a practical Brexit strategy.
    - We know that many people will decide to vote based on whether they like or dislike Nigel.
    - We know that many people will decide to vote based on concerns over immigration.
    - We know that most people do not delve into the detail of the issues.
    - MOST OF ALL – it is PERSONALTY and not POLICIES that decide which way most voters will vote!

    There is ONE person who with their team could come over the hills from far away – from South Thanet that is – to help!

    Yes! You guessed it! Nicola Sturgeon and the 56th Scots (“Nats”) Dragoons!

    Two hundred years ago at the Battle of Waterloo the Duke of Wellington declared that it was a damned close run thing and that Generalfeldmarschall von Blücher and his Prussian soldiers save the day from a French victory!

    Two hundred years later Nigel could well find that Colonel Sturgeon saves the day!

    British Gazette readers will realise that Nicola Sturgeon desires Scottish secession at all costs. For her and her colleagues, the EU Referendum will be a golden opportunity to help bring about a second secession referendum and victory. Therefore she will desire England to vote to leave the EU and for Scotland to vote to stay.

    Nicola Sturgeon of course is fully aware of the Norway Option and how practical it is as a Brexit strategy.
    Nicola’s Plan is this:

    - England votes: Leave.
    - Scotland votes: Stay.
    - A Second Referendum (on Scottish secession) is called – the SNP would demand this in return for support the process of leaving – the Speaker would declare that this would affect Scotland.
    - The Second Referendum (on Scottish secession) is won.
    - Scottish secession is negotiated at the same time as “Engixt” (English EU exit).

    This is doable.

    Of course there can be no formal acknowledgement of this, but if Nicola indulges in her hectoring finger wagging style about “……England must not be allowed to dictate to Scotland,,,,,,,” we MIGHT be in with a chance of victory.

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