• Act 1: Scene 3: L’uomo cattivo entra! (The villain enters!)


    Above, Jean-Claude Juncker. Yes folks! It’s another night at the opera!

    Every good opera requires a villain! (As does every pantomime – Ed) And La grande opera Europea is no different! Thus today Act 1: Scene 3: L’uomo cattivo entra! (The villain enters!) was reported by such as the Daily Express: http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/620636/European-Commission-Jean-Claude-Juncker-EU-Brexit-will-not-happen
    To great operatic effect our anti-hero will deliver his performance. First a tasty opener where the operatic basso-profundo haughtily strides about the stage and scoffs mockingly at our hero (played of course by the tenor Mr Chameleon!). After the anti-hero has strutted his stuff we come to the part which will justify the 200 Euros we have paid for our tickets (Well what do you expect at Teatro alla Scala near Christmas? – Ed) – the Aria where the basso-profundo gives full range to his vocal cords and declares: “I spent three years of my life to avoid Grexit. I will not spend three years of my life to facilitate Brexit!”
    And with a roll of drums the anti-hero storms out! (Exit, stage left.)
    Ah! The excitement! The drama! Yes folks! This is what Europe is all about! Don’t ya jus luv it!

    Act 1: Scene 3 of course followed La Grande Illusion! Act 1: Scene 2: “The Sunday Times article”
    GOTO: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2015/11/16/la-grande-illusion-act-1-scene-2-the-sunday-times-article/
    Which followed Act 1: Scene 1 that was Mr Chameleon’s opening performance at Chatham House and his lettre diplomatique to Mr Tusk!

    Do not therefore be alarmed Dear Reader about European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker’s outburst. It is all part of a carefully choreographed dance routine that Darcey Bussell CBE late of the Royal Ballet would likely award a score of 10 for overall excellence!And Dear Reader, it is all for your benefit!

    Well, what do you think they are going to do with all your taxes they receive? Spend it on something useful?

    What is going to happen is our hero Young David Chameleon will do great battles on stage. Many fine arias will be sung. The orchestra will play to crescendo – several times (Well you do want your 200 Euros worth! – Ed). At one point all will appear lost! And then? A sudden development and yes! Gallant, resourceful and fearless Dave will wound the anti-hero, send him packing and emerge victorious!

    In the Dress Circle ladies hearts will be set all a flutter as they aim their opera glasses at young David’s prancing!

    Questa è l’Europa! ~ This is Europe!

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