• Est-ce le début?

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    NB: British Gazette readers are advised to have their blood pressure pills at the ready as the second of today’s articles has some words of support for Comrade Corbyn!

    The above image of Schumann station in Brussels must in it’s own way constitute one of the most disturbing images this organ has published since it’s formation in October 2009. It is the result of credible intelligence received by the Belgian anti-terrorist authorities about an imminent attack by “IS”. Thus, without firing a single shot or detonating a single explosive vest, “IS” have succeeded in bringing a great European city to a virtual standstill.
    GOTO: http://www.mail.com/int/entertainment/lifestyle/3971390-brussels-hunkers-amid-warning-paris-style-threat.html#.1272-stage-hero1-1
    In our recent article of the 15th (http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2015/11/15/the-slowest-suicide-in-history-sweden-probable-flashpoint-of-the-great-european-civil-war/) we speculated that at some point an event in Sweden – such as the election of a so called “far right” government would become the spark that would set off the Great European Civil War.

    The recent spate of attacks in France and Mali and the understandable reaction of the French government and it’s allies including the UK, the USA and now Russia could well be the spark that is about to set off the Great European Civil War.

    It gives us no sense of “I told you so” to make this statement but from where your Editor now resides, it appears to be as if one is standing on a precipice and looking down upon a great landslide taking place far below and realise that one is helpless to do anything about it but to stand there and watch.

    History is constructed by a series of actions and reactions. One side or one party does something which causes another side or party to act in a particular manner. This then sets off another set of actions/reactions. Science fiction writers when using time travel as a literary device often quote the so-called “butterfly effect” – the beat of the wings of a single butterfly through an endless chain of actions/reactions can change history.

    Such a cascade could not be subject to analysis by a human mind. However lesser chains can be. It appears tragically likely that the engagement of Western Forces in Syria will lead to a steady worsening of the situation in Europe. There are reports that the Generals are suggesting that IS could be eliminated within a fortnight. This appears to be as wide off the mark as the talk of “putting the Kaiser back in his box by Christmas” was in August 1914.

    What MUST be realised that “IS” already has large forces already prepositioned in Europe. These jihadis are lying low, hidden waiting to stage their attacks of mass murder of innocent civilians. The more the Western Forces seek to take action the more alienation occurs in Muslim youth. The ore draconian anti terror measures legislated the more fuel will be cast on the fire of Muslim resentment.

    The tragic thing is this: draconian anti terror measures are essential.

    A worrying aspect of the situation is this: “IS” actually want Western “boots on the ground” in Syria. This is because they believe that this is to be the mythical Armageddon. These characters want to see the end of the world.

    Of course, along with a series of Muslim terror attacks another inevitable reaction will take place; a huge increase in support for the so-called “far right” parties. This will in turn cause more Muslim alienation.

    A significant number of terror attacks and civil disorder will also cause economic problems to a Eurozone in an already fragile state. Such economic problems will in turn worsen an already bad situation.

    An obvious reaction will be a reassessment across the entire European Economic Area about the policy of free movement of people. This of course will have consequences for the UK’s EU referendum campaign but by May 2017 this is likely to be something of a side show.

    The one politician in the UK who appears to have some understanding of what is going on is Jeremy Corbyn the Member of Parliament for Islington North, currently Leader of the Labour Party (although probably not for too much longer).

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