• Plan B.

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    This article we know will not be welcomed by many.

    It is accepted common wisdom that one should always have a Plan B.

    In the context of the EU Referendum, Plan A is clear:
    1. Win the referendum.
    2. See that the UK withdraws from the EU.

    Plan B should be drawn up in case the referendum is lost.

    Plan B essentially should comprise actions and statements we make during this campaign to ensure that should Mr Chameleon secure his wish to have the European Union rule this formerly sovereign land it will end up being a political disaster for him and for the ground to be laid for another referendum to ensure our Brexit.

    This is because we KNOW what would happen in the event of a victory for the other side.

    All the supposed new freedoms and opt outs will of course be not worth the paper they will have been written on.
    Firstly; Mr Chameleon can only offer a promissory note as other EU states have to agree what Chameleon says are the new terms and conditions. We know that only a fraction of these will be granted.
    Secondly; What parts of the deal that is delivered will be made worthless in very short order by the European Court of Justice putting it’s own special federalist interpretation on them.

    Plan B therefore should consist of telling the British People during THIS PRESENT CAMPAIGN that the promises offered by Chameleon are worthless and cannot be delivered.

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