• Leaving the EU: A reality check.

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    Let us start with the blindingly obvious. Gentlemen, let us suppose that the delightful young lady above and yourself had let us say “become bosom friends” and that you arrived one evening after work at your marital home and announced to your Good Lady Wife that here was Wife Number Two and that henceforth she would be Wife Number One.

    You KNOW what would happen! You and “Wife #2” would not be residing at the martial home!

    Leaving the EU also has consequences that should be blindingly obvious, but unfortunately are not.

    Euro-Realists endlessly repeat the mantra that the European Project is a Political Project but FAIL to take this into account when considering the consequences of leaving such a Union.

    Fortunately, circumstances have contrived to assist in educating certain politically active members of this country’s political class. These are the thousands of Labour activists who are shortly going to be very annoyed with many Labour MPs who will be voting for military involvement in Syria.

    These Labour activists overwhelmingly support the “Dear Leader”, Comrade Corbyn. Unfortunately Comrade Corbyn has been forced into conceding a free vote – not applying the whip – for the vote on Wednesday.

    You see, what these Labour activists are faced with is that the Pro EU Europhile “establishment” Labour MP’s want to follow the established procedure for UK Foreign Policy; that is to tow the line the USA wants the UK to tow. This includes continuing membership of the EU.

    It is therefore CRUCIAL to realise that NOT doing these things will have consequences.

    Which is why Gentlemen, we used the obvious analogy with your wives!

    Other things flow from this:

    As has been described in numerous previous articles, Nigel Farage has been very active travelling around the UK making impressive presentations of what he would like for the UK’s relationship with the EU were the UK to leave.
    Let us be perfectly clear: The British Gazette would wish for the same thing! However, as we have previously pointed out, this can not be achieved overnight!
    However, another thing however is slowly becoming clear. That Nigel may be actually thinking very far ahead. It may be the case that Nigel has come to the conclusion that were Leave campaigns to be victorious in the referendum, the Europhile politicians across the three main parties would see to it that leaving EU would run into the sand. The easiest way for this to happen would be for a second referendum at the end of negotiated deal that could best be described as VERY COSTLY!

    At this point Nigel no doubt would be in the position to blame the establishment politicians for such a disastrous negotiation.

    Who will benefit from this?

    UKIP in terms of electoral results.

    Who would loose?

    The other three parties.

    Who will be DELIGHTED?

    The US State Dept. as this is WHY they want the UK in the EU. You see the State Dept. regard the UK has occupying a very special position in the Imperial Court of Europe: Foot Dragger in Chief!

    Whilst the UK is in the EU the EU will NEVER be able to properly establish itself into the entity that Jean Monet wanted.

    Were the UK to leave the EU it would rapidly develop into Jean Monet’s dream.

    This would weaken the USA’s global influence.

    Naturally the US State Dept. would be as furious with the UK as YOUR WIFE would be WITH YOU were you to introduce her to the delightful young lady above!

    All is now hopefully clear!

    • Very eye catching lady, unlike the EU, which is not sexy at all.

      Sorry but I’m afraid the analogy is nonsense. I don’t even see us as being ‘foot draggers in chief’ anymore , we don’t have that much influence.

      The one thing I do agree with is that when the massive OUT majority is returned, Jihadi Dave will foot drag then. And it could be that it will be dragged for years on one lame excuse after another to the point where the referendum has become irrelevant. But I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen and hope that people will not vote as they get an ides that it will be a waste of time whatever the result.

      Vote OUT, and Vote UKIP at all times to Vote Jihadi Dave OUT.

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