• Leytonstone: It could have been worse. Much worse.


    Above a passer by filmed the above footage following a stabbing at Leytonstone Tube station last night.

    Police were called just after 7pm to reports a man’s throat was slashed in an attack inside the Tube station and other people were being threatened with a knife. Police subdued the man with the use of a Taser.

    It appears that this is one of the so called “lone wolf” attacks that we have been warned to expect. One thing we do know. It will not be the last.

    • It would appear that this man was not radicalised in the sense we have come to understand it but was mentally ill. His own family reported this to the police 6 WEEKS AGO in the hope and expectation he would be sectioned, so who now will bear the blame for this attack?

    • This certainly won’t be the last. At this present time, I feel very fortunate to live in Cornwall as we are somewhat of an exception in the sense that we are not a multicultural county compared with other areas of the UK. However, given what happened in the US a few days ago, one can never feel completely ’safe’ anywhere.

      If this comment appears to be ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobic’ it isn’t intended to be so. I would feel uncomfortable living in a major city at the moment, where mosques are commonplace, due to unknown numbers of large Muslim communities being radicalised and we know this to be a fact. In a town or city with a population of over 2,000 Muslims, I would suspect that at least one of them might have been radicalised purely by what we are witnessing on a daily basis combined with the law of averages. Islamic – nothing to do with Islam – State has created this feeling of understandable caution and mistrust but we are still afraid to be openly cautious for fear of being seen as anti Islamist/racist or possibly even terrorist now. Half an hour ago, I thought I was seeing things when someone tweeted a picture of British primary school children having lessons of how to pray correctly on prayer mats. When I said this can’t be true, one of my followers, a Frenchman who tweets informative, intelligent tweets, said in France students are being taught the history of Islam instead of French history. I said I didn’t believe it, so he sent me a link to a French newspaper quite clearly showing this to be true, entiltled Scandaleuax!!. My French is by no means fluent but I know enough to gather statements about liberty, bewilderment and outrage meant our neighbours are none too happy about it.

      What on earth is happening? Why are our precious cultures, rich in their diversities and proud in their civilised democracies being humiliated and destroyed? I have Muslim friends and we celebrate our cultural differences. I don’t join in Ramadan with them and they don’t join me at Midnight Mass.

      So why are people going along with these strange new customs, and so obligingly? Why are people acting normal in an abnormal society? To anyone suffering with depression, anxiety or any form of neurosis and are considered mentally ill, you are not. This is how human beings in an abnormal society should be feeling as anyone feeling ‘normal’ right now may have been scarily, socially conditioned.

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