• A stopped clock tells the right time twice a day.


    Quantum Physicists – aka people who are much cleverer than your Editor – postulate that in the multiverse, virtually everything is possible. On that basis, a sensible analysis of the EU referendum situation had at some point to be printed in a mainstream national British newspaper. And Behold! One has now appeared, the link to which is below:
    The author of the article is a certain Dan Hodges, a former Labour Party and GMB trade union official, who has managed numerous independent political campaigns. He writes about Labour with tribal loyalty and without reservation.

    The depressing thing is that both Vote Leave Ltd and Leave.eu have not seen and continue to not see the charade being played out before their very eyes. As the saying goes, “there are nought so blind as those who will not see.”

    The trouble is this: we have a new type of politician in Britain today. In the old days, men (Yes, Dear Lady Reader we know it was once men only) went into politics after a career in business, the military or other. Many were from the landed class. In all cases they could in one sense have been described as “amateurs” in the sense they did not set out to study, train and qualify as politicians. There were no professional politicians. Today however, there are.

    This is of course why the Chameleon is able to run rings around such as the Unfortunate Cummings so completely. It is because this is what the Chameleon studied, trained and qualified to do! Comparing such as Cummings to the Chameleon is a bit like – dare we suggest Dear Reader – comparing those British Gazette readers who are not solicitors and barristers, litigating and representing themselves in court against a defendant/plaintiff who has gone to the expense of being legally represented. In such a situation, the result is virtually a foregone conclusion: the legal professional would run rings around you as the courtroom is his or her workplace and the law their profession. Even in circumstances that you had a rock solid case and the other side’s case was a weak as water, you would likely loose and they would likely win! Thus we have the phrase, “The man who represents himself has a fool for a client.”

    After Eton, the Chameleon read Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at Brasenose College, Oxford. For more details see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Cameron
    In a dispassionate assessment of the situation we would sadly suggest that the Chameleon is likely to win the vote, this based on our judgement that neither Vote Leave Ltd and Leave.eu will get their act properly together.

    Apart from that, Nigel Farage and UKIP will do well in the sense that they will have received unprecedented publicity and exposure and this will result in many more members and votes for UKIP.

    Of course this pessimistic assessment may well be wrong. If it is it will be because of unforeseen outside factors. This is the unfolding migrant crisis in Europe, the progress (or lack of it) of so called “far right” parties in Europe, further terrorist attacks in Europe and the USA. And, Mr Donald Trump’s failure or success in becoming President of the USA.

    The reason why Mr Trump’s fortunes are so critical is the political link between the UK and the USA and also the cracks already appearing in the EU. The Migrant Crisis is the rock that has shattered the plate glass window that was the façade called “European Unity” – Poland and other Eastern European states have refused point blank to take in Muslim migrants and this has been a shattering blow to Germany’s European Project. What we might see is a realignment in Europe with the Eastern EU member states (those states with few or no Muslims) distancing themselves from the Western EU member states (those states with many Muslims). In these circumstances we would likely see the British Europhiles seek a continuing relationship with the Western EU member states whilst the Eastern EU member states will move away, possibly themselves pursuing “the Norway Option.”
    The situation in Europe is HIGHLY unstable and volatile.

    • Mr Chameleon is being just that, a chameleon. Just take a look at how many people he has to appeal to by changing swiftly to suit the political/social/economic climate: The cabinet, Eurosceptics, Mrs Merkel (whom I suspect is an enlarged version of Nicola Sturgeon, as look so similar, have the same taste in clothes and are never pictured together), America, China, Western and Eastern Europe…The list is as endless as it is diverse. Oh, and there’s us, the electorate, kept in the dark and generously fed sound bites to keep us ‘informed’. His current ‘posturing’ is not really fooling many but at the same time you can’t argue with him if he says he’ll have to ‘rethink this whole EU thing’ if the renegotiations aren’t going to plan. He’ll have a rabbit to pull from the proverbial hat closer to the referendum. And he’ll be believed as he was ‘honest’ enough to be prepared to leave at one point. We are living in incredibly unstable and fast changing times at the moment, and the PM will do what he does best and adapt to them smoothly one after the other. The Leave camps, of whom I fully support, are not really doing themselves any favours on social media sites right now (notice the BG Editor not a huge fan of Twitter?) Tweeting and retweeting ‘LEAVE NOW’ doesn’t make any sense. Or asking people to put Vote Leave stickers in their vehicles. And there is too much mud slinging, but that’s an inherent part of the political game. The general public will vote, when the time comes, according to A) A mass crisis. B) Fear of mass crisis. C) A mass crisis or fear of mass crisis DC will manipulate as fear to remain. Hmm.

    • The other hidden item is the US PR Company that Camoron and his party employs to spin for them. Easily recognised input as it is so similar in its approach to US State Department, the spokesman of which comes over rather like an uninformed Comedy act such as Jim Carey would perform.

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