• Abu Ishaq Al Heweny: The non Muslim populations of conquered nations are the property of the jihadists!

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    Above is a certain Abu Ishaq Al Heweny who is regarded as a Salafi scholar. Born in the village of Hewen in Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate in Egypt. In 2015, the Egyptian Ministry of Religious Endowments initiated a campaign to remove any books authored by Salafi scholars including Al Heweny from all mosques in Egypt.

    In a lecture, Mr Al-Heweny explains how the enslavement of people in countries conquered by Jihad is carried out. “In every war there is a winner and a loser,” he says. “According to the rules of Islam, all the people in the [conquered] country become booty,” and are “divided between the mujahideen,” he says. Mr Al-Heweny also talked about the benefits of slave markets, saying that they were useful if you needed a little spare cash.

    Source: Wikipedia: The Salafi movement or Salafist movement is an ultra-conservative reform movement within Sunni Islam that references the doctrine known as Salafism. The doctrine can be summed up as taking “a fundamentalist approach to Islam, emulating the Prophet Muhammad and his earliest followers—al-salaf al-salih, the ‘pious forefathers’…They reject religious innovation, or bida, and support the implementation of sharia (Islamic law).” The movement is often divided into three categories: the largest group are the purists (or quietists), who avoid politics; the second largest group are the activists, who get involved in politics; the smallest group are the jihadists, who form a tiny (yet infamous) minority.

    British Gazette comment: We were in two minds about publishing this as we do not want to give undue prominence to this bigot’s rantings. It is worrying however that this is the sort of [expletive deleted – we have lady readers] that is being absorbed by huge numbers of young British Muslims.

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