• Theresa May and Brexit.

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    Over recent days the “appearance” of two political figures should be something of which we should take note. The first was Comrade Corbyn turning up at the Brussels meeting. The second was the appearance of Jacob William Rees-Mogg, Member of Parliament for North East Somerset on Question Time. The British Gazette has a lot of time for Mr Rees-Mogg, not because of his Euroscpetic views but because this is a man who does not attempt to appear to be something he is not. Because of his refusal to adopt an Estuary English accent, have a different haircut and to buy his clothes at Topman he has been described by Camilla Long in a Sunday Times profile as “David Cameron’s worst nightmare.”

    Mr Rees-Mogg’s sister the journalist Annunziata Rees-Mogg (now Mrs Matthew Glanville) also came up against the Chameleon’s desire for deception. Annunziata Rees-Mogg failed in her attempt to become MP for Somerton and Frome in 2010. Before the campaign the Chameleon had asked her to shorten her name “for political purposes” to Nancy Mogg. She refused, replying that “Nancy Mogg may be shorter, but I would rather remain Annunziata Rees-Mogg.” commenting “I think it’s phoney to pretend to be someone you’re not.”
    It is clear from this that both Mr Rees-Mogg and Mrs Glanville suffer from a severe handicap insofar as a career in modern British politics is concerned: Honesty.
    This honesty was put on display on Thursday night (17th) when Mr Rees-Mogg was on the panel of BBC 1’s “Question Time” political talk show. Mr Rees-Mogg made some frank admissions about his and many of his colleagues in the Tory party desire to see Brexit take place. This display of Euroscepticism combined with other examples from other Tories indicates that the Chameleon may find that when the referendum campaign takes place, many Tories will be prominently advocating Brexit. Your Editor can confirm this from another source. At a recent public meeting about the UK’s EU membership a Tory MP demonstrated that they supported Brexit as did the majority of their constituency party.

    This of course explains Comrade Corbyn’s presence in Brussels: to show the [Red] flag. It is obvious to any sentient creature with two or more functioning brain cells (Cummings included) how Comrade Corbyn and the Labour Party intend to play this: Point out a divided Tory party and pontificate that the Tories attempt to placate UKIP have failed and are damaging the country.

    There is however some uncertainty surrounding the circumstances however. This is due to ongoing speculation in the media about the referendum being held in 2016, some claiming as early as June.

    We would point out that the Electoral Commission would insist that the earliest date would be October 2016. A June poll would present legal problems. Readers will be aware that this organ has stated it’s opinion that the poll will take place on Thursday 4th May 2017 – to coincide with the local elections of that year. Further analysis of the situation in Europe, and particularly Germany would tend to suggest moving this a further five months to October 2017 to assist Frau Merkel in the Federal Elections.
    If however the Tories are planning an early poll, we have to consider the whys and wherefores of such.
    Were the Tories to hold the poll in 2016 it would be for internal party political reasons. It might be that Tory Central Office may have come to the conclusion that party cohesion could not stand up to a wait of two years. Remember the Tories are haunted by the ghosts of the 1990s. Then of course there are the personal ambitions of the Cabinet members themselves. George Osborne is the Chameleon’s chosen one.
    There is however a certain Theresa May, Home Secretary and the Member for Maidenhead.
    When the Chameleon admitted to fellow Etonian James Landale that he would not seek a third term he fired the staring gun for the contest to succeed him. Following the election of Comrade Corbyn there has been speculation about plots to depose him. The simple fact is that Labour people tend to like their leaders and are not quick to plunge the knife in. The Tories however are.

    It is likely that Osborne’s competitors will not wish to wait until just before the election of 2020 to assume leadership. They will want to take power sooner. Staging a leadership challenge would not be tolerated by the party membership and the electorate so it might be the case that the Tory plotters are trying to organise a set of events that would force the Chameleon into resigning, thus forcing a leadership contest. Were the Chameleon to campaign for remaining in the EU and the voters opted for Brexit, it would force resignation upon the Chameleon.

    To fix this so she could become the UK’s second female Prime Minister Theresa May would have to see that the people voted for Brexit. What is clear that although backbench Tory MPs will be free to campaign for Brexit, cabinet members will be bound by collective responsibility and WHEN the Chameleon declares that the government will campaign to stay in Theresa May were she to assume the leadership of the Brexit campaign she would have to quit the cabinet and of course being Home Secretary.

    Such a bold move would take courage and if the reader will permit the Editor a limited licence to indulge in some salty language: We are of the opinion that of all the members of that particular cabinet, Theresa May is the only one of them with any balls! We think Mrs May – who daily copes with Type One Diabetes – has the courage and the qualities of leadership to assume the Great Office of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
    Were Mrs May to assume leadership of the Brexit campaign and win it, the Chameleon’s position would become untenable and so too would George Osborne’s. Both would go and Mrs May would not so much be elected Tory Leader but crowned.

    It may well be that we are entering a very important period of this country’s history.

    • With regards the ’salty language’, that was what they said of Margaret Thatcher, as the only one in her government who had any.

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