• His Worship, Mayor Barsik of Barnaul.


    Many British Gazette readers may never have heard of the city of Barnaul in Siberia. The Good People of this city – which is 1,800 miles east of Moscow in Siberia – appear ready to perform a MOST WONDERFUL ACT.

    What? We hear you ask Dear Reader.

    To elect Barsik, a Siamese cat as their mayor!


    Because these good people are fed up to the back teeth with their useless politicians!
    As a declaration of disdain and contempt your Editor can think of no finer, no more eloquent measure of protest!
    Of immediate consideration are the parallels to our own democratic deficiencies! We have a situation where over three quarters of the Sovereign Power of the British State lies in the hands of a Foreign Power and the government lead by the Chameleon appears not to be recommending that this unlawful situation should end!

    We therefore have a suggestion to the Good People of George Osborne’s constituency of Tatton in Cheshire: that should Osborne be the leader of the Tories in 2020 and the country is still subject to Foreign Rule, then a suitable canine or feline should be put up against him.

    Herewith the link to the story: http://www.mail.com/int/news/europe/4024434-dog-eat-dog-politics-siberian-city-backs-cat-mayor.html#.1272-stage-hero1-7

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