• Tom Hayes: an inadequate redress of a grievance.


    On 4th August this year (http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2015/08/04/tom-hayes-the-punishment-should-fit-the-crime-this-one-does-not/) we reported upon the harsh and unforgiving justice handed down to the unfortunate Tom Hayes. Mr Hayes has given 14 years for his role in the Libor scandal. Mr Hayes had pleaded Not Guilty after admitting to the offences. He claimed that he admitted the offences to avoid extradition and trial in the USA where he could have confidently looked forward to a sentence double the 14 years he was handed. On 3 August, Cooke J said the conduct in the case “must be marked out as dishonest and wrong and a message sent to the world of banking accordingly”.

    Now Mr Hayes has had this sentence reduced to 11 years.
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    The Appeal Court judges still declared that a tough sentence was necessary to deter others.

    This of course is not quite the whole truth. What the judges did not say was that they felt that a three year reduction was the maximum they could hand out to Mr Hayes without annoying the US Justice system who would be far less willing to allow British policemen to try British criminals in British courts in future.

    This is the REAL reason for the stiff sentence. The perceived need for this country to do what the politicians and those in authority in the USA want them to do. So when not asking permission of the European Union our corrupt and treasonous politicians are asking permission of the USA.

    Of course they do not ask permission of Her Majesty the Queen or the British People! Who would no doubt wish to see such sentences as handed down to Mr Hayes handed down to child abusers and for Mr Hayes to be given a Community Service Order instead!

    Mr Hayes can at least feel relieved that he will serve only a quarter of his sentence (33 months) and that in an open prison (avoiding the harsh brutality of a US prison) with another quarter on an electronic tag after being released.

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