• Our future Prime Minister, meeting her future deputy?


    Back in 2013 I was in a bit of a bad way. The house was in a state and so was I! In an attempt to save money I would regularly buy ready meals that had reached their sell by date. It was after consuming one such in late March that year I suffered the consequences of a sleepless night and an upset stomach. The next morning I made a decision: I could not go on like this and I decided to do two things; loose weight and solve my financial problems. The first was achieved by a change in diet. The second was achieved by putting the house on the market to release capital for investment income and to downsize. Looking back it was clear that I should have done those things earlier.

    One of the realities of the passing of time and living to an age rarely achieved by our distant ancestors is that with memories we possess the ability to look back and see how things have changed.

    Christmas for those over a certain age and spending the season alone is a time for such reminiscences. Recently ITV4 have been screening the TV series “The Sweeney” and that takes one down memory lane.

    One of the advantages of loosing weight (11 stone down from 12 stone 7 pounds – sorry Derek! 79.38 kilograms down to 69.85 kilograms) is that one finds that clothes long since confined to a suitcase in the loft are now wearable! That these are needed is necessary when the trousers one used to wear can’t stay up without a belt! The suits and jackets I still have are a number of expensive hand tailored garments from a time when I spent more than was sensible on such things. These garments were “let out” a couple of times and when this limit had been reached, they were consigned to the suitcase because I remembered how much they cost and I did not want to hand them to a charity shop. One particular suit however was not in that suitcase. That is because it was purchased before I started going to that tailor and was a ready made cheaper garment that did not last that long. It was a three piece dark blue pin stripe suit with four inch (102 mm Derek) lapels and flares – large flares! And then there were the shoes purchased at about the same time: a pair of black slip shoes with the latest platform soles. Oh Dear! Mercifully also consigned to the tip!

    At that time “I’m Not in Love” the song by English group 10cc, written by band members Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman released May 1975 and was “a hit” an I was driving around in a company Ford Cortina 1.6L Mk III saloon (US: sedan) at the time and was “Jack the Lad.” Had you have told me in the summer of 1975 that in 40 years time homosexual men – who then were commonly referred to as “queers” – would be encouraged to get married by the government of the day, I would not have believed you!
    These memories are related to you Dear Reader to make a point: Times change!
    Recently Malala Yousafzai welcomed a Syrian schoolgirl activist Muzoon Almellehan to her new home – Newcastle upon Tyne. GOTO: http://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-britain-malala-idUKKBN0U51IN20151222
    We know that today’s article is essentially re ploughing the furrow of yesterday’s article (http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2015/12/23/the-shape-of-things-to-come-2/) but this requires repetition.

    Yesterday’s article referred to a British Muslim family refused entry into the USA. Today the Guardian newspaper reports on a certain Mr Ajmal Masroor – a British imam barred from travelling to New York. GOTO: http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/dec/23/uk-imam-ajmal-masroor-us-business-visa-revoked-without-explanation?utm_source=esp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=GU+Today+main+NEW+H&utm_term=145860&subid=15907465&CMP=EMCNEWEML6619I2
    The point about remembering the past is that we should examine such memories and seek to understand what is going on. Only then will be be able to do something about it!

    What we have seen with homosexuals – the transition from being a denigrated minority to an accepted community – tells us a lot about how the British establishment manages change.

    The Austrians have a saying: “Biegen nicht brech” (Bending not breaking). The fact is however, the British establishment have long adopted this practice. It explains how these islands have not endured the number of “revolutions” as those nations on the continent.

    The reason why the point about homosexuality is made is that it demonstrates just how far and how quickly policies can change. To an unbelievable extent.
    Thus it is that suggestions made in such organs as the British Gazette will be regarded by many as absurd and nonsensical – as would have been the case if I had suggested in 1975 that in 40 years time homosexuals would be getting married.
    The prominence and status accorded to Malala Yousafzai and now Muzoon Almellehan is evidence of how the British establishment (or which the BBC is a core part) are encouraging these two young ladies for public office – if both girls wish it. The Home Office civil servants have done their homework and know the demographic future of these islands. What they are doing is to see that the transition from secular Western state to a state heavily influenced (and probably dominated) by Islam is managed as smoothly as possible.

    This will mean compromises! By both sides. For instance, the Koran decrees the public amputation of a thief’s hand and also foot. This is likely to be one of those compromises. The likely compromise that will be reached between the British establishment and the future Islamic authorities is that amputations will be carried out – out of public view under general anaesthetic in properly equipped prison hospital by properly qualified surgeons. For those readers who will immediately declare that there is no BMA member who would be willing to perform the amputation of a perfectly healthy limb we would point out that there would be many Muslim surgeons in such countries as Bangladesh who would be perfectly prepared to do so. What is likely is that a specialist Home Office surgical team will travel from prison to prison performing such amputations. It will be pointed out that this will result in these surgeons developing much expertise in this area and as such “complications” following surgery will be few and far between. Of course the amputee prisoner will receive a prosthetic limb and support!

    Of course those of us who remember when “The Sweeney” was first broadcast when we were young adults will likely be dead when such amputations take place. But tomorrow I will attend the Christmas day service at the local C of E church and will see excited young children who will be around when these amputations take place. If their children are convicted of theft they might experience the distress of having their grandson (possibly grand daughter) suffer such surgery.

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