• An open letter to the Prime Minister from Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction.


    To: The Prime Minister Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP chair of ‘Cobra’ (Cabinet Office Briefing Room) and UK Floods Minister Rory Stewart MP copies to The Leader of the Opposition Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP and The Shadow Minister of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Kerry McCarthy MP.
    Dear Prime Minister,
    WeatherAction offer of help in long range warning of further extreme weather (storms, floods and blizzards) in the UK this winter and advice on weather / climate changes over next 20 years.
    You may be aware that the end of year dangerous extreme storm (“Frank”) was predicted to the day 10 weeks ahead by WeatherAction’s solar-activity based forecasting technique along with simultaneous storms and blizzards including very cold blasts in USA – See Download pdf: http://bit.ly/1Uheea5 and reportage on www.WeatherAction.com
    The last storm of comparable extreme power to hit the UK, namely late October 2013, was also long-range predicted by WeatherAction’s solar-based technique (in that case 6 months ahead).

    WeatherAction long range forecasts for the rest of the winter expect further extreme damaging storms, floods and cold blasts with blizzards in certain time periods all specified to a few days. We would be happy to make these available with any updates to assist in preparedness.
    Extreme weather prospects for the next 20 years:
    It is important to understand that all these – recent and over the last 7 years – extreme weather events in Britain & Ireland and home waters (1/600th of the global area) and around the world confirm the solar-activity based origins (and predictability) of these extremes and negate completely the CO2 hypothesis – the predictions of which have failed comprehensively (see: http://www.weatheraction.com/docs/WANews15No28.pdf).

    Apart from the failure of the CO2 theory in its ‘confident’ prediction of more and more blazing hot summers in the UK and the end-of-snow in the UK and other temperate regions the problem with the actual dangerous weather events of this and recent years is they are the wrong type of extremes for the CO2 hypothesis and totally confirm the solar-based theory both in terms of event types and associated solar-activity.

    The extremes in the northern hemisphere come from huge wild North-South swings in the elongated Jet stream (which is generally in average position shifted further South) which make both very mild/warm weather at times and also corresponding extreme cold blasts – such as the very recent astounding ‘unprecedented’ blizzards and cold in Texas and New Mexico, the likes of which the BBC’s woefully biased reportage consistently understates. This “wild-Jet-stream” is exactly as predicted by our solar-based (with lunar modulation) theory. The CO2-based hypothesis on the other hand requires a north-shifted shorter generally benign jet stream (which being shorter cannot wave much) giving (eg in UK) ongoing hot summers and mild snow-free winters; without wild contrasts.

    The prospects for the UK in the next 20 years under the successful solar-lunar understanding of climate is more very extreme events in a generally colder climate – as happened in the two previous famous periods of generally low solar activity (the Maunder minimum and the Dalton minimum). The events will include unimaginable, by recent standards, storms, like The Tempest of 1703 which came in the later part of the Maunder Minimum and which we expect in future to be able to predict in useful detail many months and possibly years ahead. The CO2 hypothesis, on the other hand, will depart more and more from reality – eg as the Graph I showed on BBC (Andrew Neil interview), see http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b06rjqh1/this-week-byelection-special or visit www.WeatherAction.com
    Given the new scientific information the weather observations represent there should now be new discussion as provided for under The Climate Change Act Section 6 part 2 to consider appropriate changes to the ‘carbon taxing’ measure of the Act. The certainty (under solar-lunar understanding) of more weather extremes in the next two decades and the failure of the CO2 theory means that all anti-carbon measures, taxes and money-wasting schemes such as wind-farms should cease and instead more resources be diverted to emergency services and practical water and flood management safety schemes.

    Yours in application of evidence-based science for the public good,
    Piers Corbyn, ARCS (1st class Physics), FRAS, FRMetS, MSc (Astrophysics).

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