• Happy New Year! Except Brussels and Gaza where it is cancelled!


    Above, fireworks over Sydney Harbour Bridge.

    The Aussies always put on a fantastic fireworks display. Sadly, the prospect of some Muslim blowing themselves up and killing as many others as possible has caused the Belgian authorities to cancel their celebrations.
    Herewith: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-12-31/brussels-new-year-fireworks-cancelled-over-attack-fears/7061202
    Meanwhile in Gaza:
    Gaza’s Islamist Hamas rulers banned New Year celebrations in the Palestinian coastal enclave. Police spokesman Ayman Batniji said hotels and restaurants were allowed to hold parties a day earlier or a day later.

    “Celebrating the new year contradicts the instructions of Islamic religion,” Batniji said. “It’s a Western custom that we don’t accept in Gaza.”

    • Western custom? Someone ought to tell the Chinese! Strange isn’t it; it’s OK for Muslims to ban harmless things like New Year parties in their countries but not OK for westerners to ban such cruel practises as halal slaughter.

    • Fair enough, but why then do we accept such as sharia courts here?

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