• The Referendum Pantomime: Getting dangerous.

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    There will be many readers who will suggest that this organ is being unnecessarily alarmist when it asks this question: Is the Chameleon the most dangerous man in Europe?

    This report (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/eu/12079354/Poland-ready-to-offer-David-Cameron-EU-welfare-deal-in-exchange-for-Nato-bases.html) in the Daily Telegraph would suggest otherwise however.

    Before analysing the above newspaper report, let us reprise what we already know about the EU referendum situation in the UK.

    For the first, as suggested in previous articles, British Gazette readers should regard the Chameleon as a Machiavellian impresario presiding over a long running coup de théâtre.

    Many British Gazette readers are involved in the broadest sense of the word, politics. Some are weightily involved being elected political office holders whilst others are merely inactive members of political parties and/or campaign groups. We all bring our own talents and knowledge to the causes we support. Many have expertise in areas such as science, the arts, business and the law. Many suggest that this expertise and knowledge is a valuable contribution they bring to public life and in this they are correct. Many also point out the paucity of such experience and knowledge in today’s professional politician such as the Chameleon and his former adversary, Edward the Unfortunate.

    It would however be wrong and dangerous to write the Chameleon’s lack of experience of the world outside politics for what is being clearly demonstrated before our eyes is that the Chameleon is clearly using all of the knowledge and expertise he has got in this EU referendum campaign. You see, the Chameleon has made the study and application of political strategy his life’s work – literally. He is also a very clever man. He went to Eton. Years ago, a gentlemen’s son could be assured of entry to Eton if his father could afford the fees. Things have now changed. For some considerable time now, Eton has demanded that entrants possess a fair degree of intelligence as well.

    We know what the Chameleon’s strategy is: To encourage (secretly of course) those such as the Unfortunate Cummings to engage in a stand-up fight with what he [the Unfortunate Cummings] perceives as the opposition: the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign led by Mr Rose, late of M&S.

    When reviewing progress to date we would suggest the Chameleon will be rather pleased with the situation and may be saying to himself, “so far, so good!” This is because the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign has of course been set up as an Aunt Sally!

    Unfortunately, Mr Cummings and others in his campaign have totally failed to perceive this! Thus earning his sobriquet.

    You see, the Chameleon’s strategy is threefold:
    1. Preserve the unity of the Conservative party.
    2. Have his friend George Osborne succeed him as Tory leader and hopefully, Prime Minister.
    3. Keep the UK in the EU.

    Now, the Chameleon knows that the average British voter is not at all concerned with seeing these three objectives come to fruition! The Chameleon also knows that the average British voter does not like the EU. The Chameleon’s strategy therefore is to prepare ground for him to waft into the “moderate middle”. We will then find him “sharing our pain” and positioning himself to take the moderate view, graciously acknowledging some merit in both side’s claims!

    Now we also know that the Chameleon is asking for very little from the EU – for the very simple fact that very little is all the EU is prepared to offer! The Chameleon will therefore have to make the most of what little he will receive. First and foremost will be the side show about the level of UK in work benefits being paid to EU workers employed here. The report clearly shows the compromise that is in the process of being worked out: Poland (the principal objector) will drop her opposition if the UK will support the establishment of a considerable NATO military presence in Poland.

    This of course requires the consent of other NATO powers, not all of them EU members – most notably of course the USA!
    The fact that Poland has even mentioned this as a suggestion shows of course the complete involvement of the USA in keeping the UK as an EU member!
    The problem with this strategy is of course to be found to the east of the EU. In Russia. President Putin – whose sources of foreign intelligence are very good – has already reacted declaring that NATO and the EU pose a greater threat to Russia than IS in Syria and Iraq.

    The great game being played by the Chameleon and the USA of course goes wider and further than the borders of the EU. The principal action on stage is of course the situation with the international oil market. The oil price is low largely through a combination of over production and low demand. In this the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a key player for the kingdom is keeping production levels very high. Indeed there is so much oil slushing around (literally) that it is becoming an increasing problem to find suitable places to store the excess!

    The reasons for the creation of the deliberate oil glut are principally twofold:
    1. Assist the Chinese economy by ameliorating the worst effects of the downturn and hopefully reverse it.
    2. Hit Russia’s revenues. The US State Dept. knows that with less money, Russia will be less able to project her influence in Europe and elsewhere and that conditions will become increasingly tough for the Russian People.

    The Chameleon is of course a willing and active participant in all of this.

    So there you have it: In order to:
    1. Preserve the unity of the Conservative party.
    2. Have his friend George Osborne succeed him as Tory leader and hopefully, Prime Minister.
    3. Keep the UK in the EU.
    the Chameleon is willing to destabilise Russia and Europe!

    • Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know was a phrase used by Lady Caroline Lamb to describe George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron. Maybe it should be applied to Cameron.

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