• Nigel Farage’s New Year’s Message.

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    British Gazette comment: People can be peculiar creatures. We are possessed of intelligence greater that any other creature on the planet – and that includes cetaceans – and yet we can be extraordinarily stupid.

    Since this is the last day of Christmas and the celebrations are still fresh in our memories, some British Gazette readers may have been able to smile at an old joke:
    “A man is the only creature on the planet smart enough to construct the Empire State Building…… And the only creature on the planet dumb enough to jump off the top of it!”

    As well as being stupid, people can hold all manner of irrational beliefs and opinions. For instance, today is Wednesday 6th January 2016 or January 6th 2016 depending on which side of the Atlantic Ocean you live. There are some people who will attach significance to this date for they will suggest it is possessed of a certain numerical symmetry as it can be shown as, “1-6-1-6” or “6-1-1-6” – Oh Dear!
    In fact, your Editor can report that there are even some people who think the essential trace constituent in the planet’s atmosphere – CO2 – is a problem!
    It is with similar bemusement your Editor greets the reports that would point to the possibility that the Chameleon might actually be seriously considering to hold the referendum in June 2016 or not too long afterwards.
    This would mean that he would be offering nothing more than a promissory note! Yet to be honoured!
    Given that the Chameleon has performed a U-turn on Cabinet responsibility – Cabinet colleagues can now campaign as they wish) the referendum campaign has all the hallmarks as to be about who takes over from the Chameleon as leader of the Tory party! As for Nigel’s [CORRECT] statement about the referendum being an important decision affecting the country’s future – well this appears to be of secondary importance in the Chameleon’s mind.

    This article could have (should have – Ed) been titled “Why the rush?” The answer to that question clearly is sitting on the opposition front benches! What might have happened is that the Chameleon could be taking advantage of a temporary moment of political crisis within the Labour Party! The Chameleon is wholly aware of the fundamental divisions within the Tory party on the issue of Europe. Local UKIP intelligence in Cornwall would suggest that many Tory activists are now wholly committed to Brexit. Indeed we can suggest that the divisions to be found in the Labour Party between the activists who overwhelmingly supported and voted for Comrade Corbyn and want a return to Clause Four socialism and the Parliamentary Labour Party that is largely Blairite are mirrored in the tory party where the activists who overwhelmingly support Brexit and the Parliamentary Conservative Party that is still significantly Europhile. This of course bears out a fact that most British Gazette readers are well aware of: that the European Project is a project of the elites.

    It appears then that the Chameleon might be prepared to gamble on an early poll to mitigate the damage done to the Tory party. Of course, were the British People to vote for Brexit, British Gazette readers will not be one bit surprised when it is announced that the exit treaty will be subject to another referendum! This means of course that the Europhiles – who will be in charge of the negotiations – will negotiate a really bad deal for Britain on the terms of Brexit – that will go to the vote and the Europhiles will hope that the voters will reject it and the UK will not leave!

    The ONLY way the UK could get a good deal is by having a government made up of ministers who actually believe in Brexit and want it!

    In other words: People like Nigel Farage.

    • Does anyone have any information on the new Brexit group Grassroots Out (GO)? According to a press release on Monday, MPs from across the spectrum are supporting it including Tories Peter Bone and Tom Pursglove (who he?), Labour’s Kate Hoey and Nigel Farage.
      Nothing on the internet yet that I can find, I hope it is the organisation that will bring all the Brexit groups together rather than them staying in their own cosy corners.

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