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    Even the BBC was compelled to report upon the dreadful news surrounding dozens of serious sexual assaults on women celebrating the New Year that has finally percolated out of Germany. Last night’s “Newsnight” felt compelled to report upon it for not to do so would have made it even more difficult to maintain their façade of impartiality. Herewith their latest online report: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-35248601
    Newsnight reported that the numbers of men involved in at least one incident were in the region of 1,000 who given their numbers were able to surround a number of women enabling them to subject those women to abuse and attack. These women must have been truly terrified.

    Of course, the BBC and other reporters are studiously avoid mentioning certain possible details about these men. This is due to more than one reason but one must be the avoidance of prosecution under the Public Order acts for a racially or religiously aggravated offence. In featuring the image (left), this organ and it’s Editor is risking precisely this.

    The reason however we have used the above image and have chosen a sarcastic title for the article is not to put forward a simple explanation that it is because the attackers were probably Muslim. Such a simple explanation would not be accurate. The reasons are more complex.

    It is not just a simple question of the religious belief held by the assailants. It is also that these assailants are from a completely different society to their victims. In such societies women are expected to were the attire – a burka – if they are in a public place. Women who do not wear such are regarded by these men as “uncovered meat” – we refer you to the following report in the Daily Mail of 26th October 2006: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-412697/Outrage-Muslim-cleric-likens-women-uncovered-meat.html
    The reason why this cleric and the assailants of the German women think like this is because these men come from a society whose collective mindset resembles the society our ancestors inhabited in the 12th and 13th centuries. Thus, whilst we react with justifiable horror to reports of beheadings, stoneings and the amputation of hands we should note that as late as 1660 those convicted of a capital crime were hanged, drawn and quartered – a punishment of such hideous and barbaric proportions that those such as the late “Jihadi John” did not practise it. Other hideously barbaric punishments meted out at the time elsewhere in Europe were “breaking on the wheel” and “burning at the stake.”

    The problem that Germany has inflicted upon itself is this: importing the populations of countries with such societies so quickly gives those migrants no time to adjust their behaviour patterns to their new surroundings. Rather than continue with this lecture the British Gazette will instead put forward a practical way of absorbing such men into western society.

    Those persons from such societies wishing to take up permanent residence in a western country should be granted a temporary visa with a requirement to undergo tuition of how to behave in western society. Furthermore, they would be required to comply with and accept the values as being those applicable.
    In other words, if they wish to be permanently resident in a western liberal democracy they must accept to live by the standards pertaining there.
    There may be those that suggest that this is being discriminatory but it is not. As an example we would refer you to one of the supporters of the Editor’s “Drive the Flag” campaign in 2000, the late 18th Earl of Devon who died in August last year.

    Hugh Courtenay was a Christian who in 2008, had to put with Powderham Castle’s licence to hold civil ceremonies revoked by Devon County Council, as he had refused permission to allow a gay civil partnership ceremony to take place there, an action the Council said was in contravention of the Equality Act 2006. Powderham Castle now has had it’s licence restored and is pleased to offer it’s premises for weddings: http://www.powderham.co.uk/
    There will be many readers who would be in sympathy with the late earl’s 2008 decision but the facts are this: Parliament had legislated for civil partnerships between two people of the same gender and now has legislated for marriage between two people of the same gender. That now the law of the land. If the owners and managers of a business such as Powderham Castle wish to offer their premises for civil marriages they must follow the requirements laid down in law. Whatever personal feelings they may or may not have.

    As it is with the owners and managers of Powderham Castle, so it is with a Muslim migrant recently arrived in Europe. He may well regard this young ladyas “uncovered meat” just as some people might regard a man who would describe himself as “Gay” as a sexual pervert.

    However, both must realise and accept that such attitudes are not approved of by the authorities and that one of the requirements of living and enjoying the benefits of Western liberal society is that one must accept the standards of society now prevalent.
    They must realise and accept that the Western liberal society is NOT the conservative Islamic society they left and it is THEY who must adapt to their new surroundings and NOT their hosts adapt to them.

    • Jack; Yes, much better. Must have a PC virus!

    • Deborah; “idealist and damaging to true civilisation?” – surely naive and stupid!

    • How refreshing that the BG does ‘as it says on the tin’ and the speaks the truth to the nation. Instead of furtively creeping around the edges of the evident and obvious as advocated by the PC brigade, or gleefully mud slinging to assert they are not, here we have intelligent analysis of facts.
      As a female, who has visited several countries with large Muslim populations, I know the ‘dress code’ as it is pointed out by countless other Western females beforehand in great detail: length of sleeves/tops with buttons done up to the neck/sensible footwear etc. This information is given as it is important to respect another’s culture and customs as a guest in their country.
      Most European countries, Britain especially, being more relaxed in this respect, expect visitors to behave as we do but don’t provide clear rules beforehand in case it appears offensive. We should provide guidelines about our laws and customs. Laws that must be adhered to and customs requiring respect, regardless of how strange some of them may seem.
      I have a Dutch friend and even though geographically close, the cultural divide is fairly wide. It took us years to get used to each other’s ‘odd’ customs. Asking if I may have a glass of milk offended her as I should feel relaxed enough in her home to help myself. As I wouldn’t do that in my parents home, she had to adjust to that great British custom called manners.
      Expecting people with vastly differing cultures to blend harmoniously together as in the cola ads is idealist and damaging to true civilisation. In time this may be possible but human nature is nowhere close to that level yet. I can’t remember which poet said “Good fences make good neighbours” but it certainly makes good sense today.

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