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    One of the severe problems those campaigning for a Brexit HAD was the lack of a proper exit strategy. This is – as stated in previous BG articles – the UK having been a member of the EEC/EC/EU for over four decades cannot simply revert to the pre 1973 position. The so-called “Norway Option” as defined in Flexcit is the first stage of Brexit. Wheher the UK would wish in the medium or long term to depart from the “Single Market” is a matter for the future.

    We can now report some very, very, very good news! Following a meeting with Mr Arron Banks and Mr Andy Wigmore in Bristol last Tuesday, Doctor Richard North (the author of Flexcit) has agreed to work with Leave.eu as a consultant for the duration of the EU Referendum campaign.

    As part of the agreement, Leave.eu has decided to adopt Flexcit as their formal exit plan, subject to a re-branding exercise which Dr. North is now working on.

    Dr. North will assist Leave.eu in marketing the rebranded plan, and in running seminars, in Bristol and elsewhere, to introduce the plan to Leave.eu staff and to a wider audience. Also, he will provide political intelligence – particularly in relation to the EU – and assist the campaign in any other way he can, especially in respect of its forthcoming application for designation as lead campaigner.

    For Leave.eu, Mr Wigmore said, “…..the campaign is keen to work with the best brains and opinions we can find to make sure the UK public know the truth and also the best solution for the UK……” adding, “……This is above party politics and above egos anyone who wants to be out of the EU is on the same side…….”

    Dr. Richard North is a parliamentary researcher, author and blogger. Formerly a research director in the European Parliament and having worked in local government, after a very brief spell in the RAF, he has a comprehensive knowledge of the workings of government at all levels. He now specialises in European affairs, with particular reference to the EU, and on defence matters. His most recent book is called “Ministry of Defeat”, on the British occupation of Iraq – 20093-9, and he writes frequently on the Afghanistan campaign on his blog, “Defence of the Realm”. Richard also works closely with Sunday Telegraph journalist Christopher Booker, with whom he has co-authored several books, including a seminal history of the European Union, called “The Great Deception”.
    British Gazette comment: Though very, very, very good news, this does NOT get us (those campaigning for Brexit) out of the woods! In order to achieve an outcome, one must understand the situation one is in first. This is of course obvious and fundamental!

    There is a basic problem in any campaign be it a commercial marketing, sales promotion campaign or a political campaign: Believing one’s rhetoric if that rhetoric is true and, if one is being mendacious, of NOT believing one’s rhetoric if that rhetoric is untrue!

    One of the things those politically active in such organisations as UKIP are quick to say or nod their heads to is the statement that: The European Union is a political project more than it is an economic one. They then move on with little further thought. This is a BIG MISTAKE!

    This is because the consequences of Brexit vote (in 2016 or 2017) will be profound! Fundamentally, the profundity will be in the other EU member states themselves – particularly in Germany!

    Let us reprise ourselves of the current situation in Germany:

    1. Germany is the largest net contributor – by some margin – after the UK to EU finances.
    2. The Eurozone is in an ongoing crisis.
    3. Germany is experiencing a migration crisis of Biblical proportions with many instances of public order and violent offences. Sales of non lethal weapons are said to be “going through the roof”.
    4. There is a large increase in membership of and support for what those such as the BBC describe as “far right” parties.

    We also know that the BBC (and ITN) are downplaying the extent of this to a considerable degree.

    The consequences of a Brexit vote on the German body politic will be immediate and severe – this long before the start of any negotiations under Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon.

    Any further acts of terrorism by Islamic extremists on the continent of Europe will exacerbate this.

    Whatever way the Brexit vote goes, the next decade is going to be difficult.

    Any reader wishing for a FREE .PDF copy of Flexcit should contact us via our contact page: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/contact-us/ and we will email it to you as an attachment. Please note the .PDF file is some 8.3 MB in size. Please note, this is a textbook that is 419 pages of A4.

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