• The migration crisis: How other’s in Europe see it.


    In previous articles, this organ has referred to the strength of feeling amongst the public and political class elsewhere in Europe vis-à-vis the migration crisis. We have stated that the opinions and sentiment are stronger in some other parts of Europe, particularly in the former Warsaw Pact countries, than the opinions and sentiment expressed on the mainstream media in the UK.

    We therefore bring you the above broadcast copied as a Youtube video. The TV programme is a BBC2 “Newsnight” format current affairs programme and two of the three contributors are Zsolt Bayer and Dr. László Bogár. Please note, these two men are not regarded as extremist members of a fringe political group but are regarded as somewhat of the Hungarian mainstream.

    Zsolt Bayer, Hungarian journalist, publicist, and co-founder of Hungary’s currently ruling political party, and Dr. László Bogár, former politician and leading economist, discuss the Cologne sexual assaults committed by migrants on New Year’s Eve, 2016.

    Obviously, the broadcast is in Hungarian and the English language subtitles have been added subsequently on the video. The vehemence of the language is of such as could not possibly be imagined on such as BBC2’s “Newsnight” – this is what this organ refers to when we state that what was euphemistically called “the Troubles” in Ulster will likely start on the continent of Europe before mainland Britain.

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