• A return to the politics of principal?


    Just like a businessman must know his customers, any successful editor must know (in the broadest sense) their readers. It is therefore with some confidence that your Editor can remark that the Guardian newspaper might not be the regular newspaper of choice for many British Gazette readers.

    As such many will have missed an interesting and informative article in yesterday’s edition. We therefore direct the reader to the article below:
    The article was written by Ewen MacAskill. Mr MacAskill is the Guardian’s defence and intelligence correspondent. He was Washington DC bureau chief from 2007-2013, diplomatic editor from 1999-2006, chief political correspondent from 1996-99 and political editor of the Scotsman from 1990-96. His authority and credentials for the opinions and comments he makes in the article are therefore impeccable!
    To summarise in a few words the gist of Mr MacAskill’s piece, he states that the Labour Party has been reinvigorated since the election of Comrade Corbyn and that Labour Party active members are buzzing with enthusiasm because the party has moved to the left.
    This is a GOOD THING! Not because it gives the Chameleon’s successor a clear run to Number 10 Downing Street in May 2020 but because restores something very valuable to the nation’s politics. When you boil it down, politics should NOT be about getting elected but about putting those things you believe in into effect.

    Of course, the ultimate political pragmatist, Mr Blair persistently told the Labour Party that it was no good putting forward those policies such as unilateral nuclear disarmament and Clause Four Socialism because there was no chance of being able to form a majority government and therefore, rather than pursue an objective that was impossible, it was far better to pursue a possible objective and secure a majority government with the policies of what he called “New Labour” – which was merely a re-branding of policies advocated by the Social Democratic Party!
    The trouble with Mr Blair’s strategy is this: IF most Labour activists wanted the policies of the SDP (now represented by the Liberal Democrats) they would have joined the Liberal Democrats!
    Such a political dichotomy is of course something that such as Steve Crowther, UKIP’s Party Chairman is very familiar with. You see, Steve knows full well that the chances of UKIP’s PPC’s of getting elected to the Commons are far below the Tory and Labour front runners in most of the constituencies. But Steve and these many PPCs are dedicated Euro-realists. They desperately want to see sovereign government restored to the formerly sovereign United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. With a passion! If these good folk merely wanted a lucrative career in politics then the obvious thing to do is to join the Tory or Labour parties!
    Well many Labour activists feel the same way – about different things!
    Of course, the Chameleon and his successor would be foolish to think they are sitting pretty!

    You see, if the tabloid newspapers present the scenario in 2020 of “Labour is unelectable” and the general consensus of political opinion is that Labour is destined to sit on the opposition benches – Again – and the result, as in 1983 was a foregone conclusion, then many Eurosceptic voters who are inclined to vote UKIP but would otherwise vote Tory because of their dislike/fear of a labour government will be inclined to vote UKIP!

    You see, this is the big problem for the Chameleon: that if your strategy (to win) is based on fear, then if the voters cease to fear then you loose this weapon! You see, another thing that Steve and every active UKIP member knows is that the Tories have persistently, time and time and time again trotted out the same old mantra: “If you vote UKIP you will get Labour!” When delivering this message with a little more finesse, such as the Chameleon with say things such as, “I know that you are unhappy with many things about the EU, and I/we understand and share this. But the ONLY chance of doing something about it is to vote for your Conservative candidate! It you vote UKIP all you will do is let in Labour!” Of course when elected this is instantly ignored and the Tories claim that EVERY vote given to EVERY Tory candidate is evidence of a 100% acceptance and agreement for EVERY aspect of the Tory manifesto!
    And they proceed to govern accordingly!
    The Chameleon’s successor will be relying on this strategy in May 2020!

    The trouble for him or her is that if Comrade Corbyn gets his way and remains as popular with the grass-roots of the Labour Party as he is now this tactic may not work!
    So, who might hold the whip hand in May 2020?
    Yes, you guessed it! Strict Mistress Sturgeon!

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