• “Was habe Ich getan?“ & “What have I done?”


    There will be times in everybody’s life when we have thought, “What have I done?” It is often followed by “How could I have been so [expletive optional] stupid!“ However the dawning realisation and the muted acceptance – AGAIN – that “common sense” is one of the rarest commodities – and what is done is done causes one to set about correcting the errors one has committed. Sometimes however the “clanger” has been of such a nature and on such a scale as revocation and return to the status quo ante is impossible.

    Such is the predicament facing Frau Merkel. It also faced former Prime Minister Tony Blair when he decided to join George W. Bush’s adventure into Iraq in 2003.

    Given that Germany’s Chancellor has the Christian name, Angela – derived from the Latin angelus “messenger” which in turn was borrowed from the Greek, ángelos (αγγελος), meaning “messenger of God” surely one cannot but fail to be reminded of “the Scottish play” and “Angels and ministers of grace defend us!”

    Sue Reid’s report in Saturday’s Daily Mail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3401862/The-backlash-Neo-Nazis-rampage-Gun-sales-soaring-SUE-REID-warns-sex-attacks-migrants-unleashed-dark-forces-Germany-disturbing-echoes-past.html) ploughs ground already covered by the British Gazette. Sue however has limited her report to the effects IN Germany itself and has majored about the effects ON Germany, for the consequences Frau Merkel’s decision has spread well beyond Germany’s borders.

    British Gazette readers will recall the calls from Germany and the politically correct liberal establishment across Europe for other EU member states, including the UK, to “do their fair share” and to “pull their weight” and follow Germany’s example and allow large numbers of migrants to settle in their territory.

    British Gazette readers will also recall the rejection of these calls by the Eastern European states of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic [why don't they rename the country Bohemia-Moravia? - Ed], Poland, Slovakia and Romania. States not encumbered to anything like the same degree with a politically correct liberal minded intelligentsia and bourgeoisie.

    Of course there will still be many in the UK such as Tim “The Fool” Farron and the bishops of the Church of England who will still be demanding that the government “do their bit” and take in more migrants.

    We hope the government has the [expletive deleted] to resist such.

    Of course, the precise set of events that changed everything occurred on New Year’s Eve across Germany when large organised groups of Muslim men set out – with malice aforethought – to sexually assault and rape large numbers of women who were not Muslims. These violent criminals justified their actions (to themselves) by noticing that these women were dressed in such a manner as should (in the opinion of these offenders) only be seen by their husbands. That they were dressed such in public caused them to be “women of easy virtue” and therefore it was permissible (in the opinion of these offenders) to force themselves upon them.

    Of course, there will be such as Tim “The Fool” Farron and the bishops of the Church of England who will insist that these events, disgraceful as they were should not be used to stop the UK and other European nations from taking im more migrants.

    In stating this however they seem to FAIL to take into account the new paradigm that now exists in the Europe of 2016.

    This is because of the very nature of the CRIME that was committed against these women and also the NATURE of that crime. You see, had the number of sexual offences had been committed by individual men acting alone the assaults and the rape would have been bad enough, but the FACT that these assaults and rapes were ORGANISED by LARGE GROUPS of men who were CULTURALLY, ETHNICALLY and RACIALLY different from their victims takes these events to a whole new level. Fundamentally.

    Any politician who does not realise this is a FOOL.

    You see, sadly such events have happened before and each time they become events in history. They are of such a nature that their effects change history. As an example we have the Rape of the Sabine Women. This event is an episode in the legendary history of Rome, traditionally dated to 750 BC, in which the first generation of Roman men acquired wives for themselves from the neighbouring Sabine families.

    Much more recently, as referred to already by the British Gazette, German women were subjected to organised mass rapes in 1945 by soldiers of the Red Army. This event became embedded in the German collective psyche. In the case of the Red Army the historical effects were nuanced by the fact that the Russian soldiers were reacting to the colossal outrages committed against Russian people by Hitler’s forces.

    What MUST be taken into account by all politicians and commentators is the LACK of such gross mistreatment by Germans against the populations from which these criminals originate. These criminals DO NOT HAVE the excuse those Red Army soldiers had.

    Were these events not to be repeated the effects would be serious and long lasting enough. But sadly those directing so called “Islamic State” will have noticed the profound effect the rapine has had.

    Let us reprise ourselves of what terrorists such as the barbaric IS militants seek. They of course seek to terrorise. That is why they are called terrorists after al. They also seek to promote a reaction by the victims of their terror. This is because they know that such reactions will fan the flames amongst those parts of the populace sympathetic or belonging to the same to them – namely Muslims living in Europe. Be assured, the understandable reactions by Germans described and reported upon by Sue are EXACTLY what IS want!

    British Gazette readers will be correct to fear a repetition of these criminal actions.

    British Gazette readers can of course be assured that the Bullshit Broadcasting Commission will do all it can to “manage” the reporting of what might happen in Germany and elsewhere in Europe this year and beyond.

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