• I have in my hand, a piece of paper…….. It has Herr’s Juncker’s signature on it……..

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    Neville Chamberlain’s famous statement made on the concrete of Heston (not Croydon) Aerodrome on 30th September 1938 will always be remembered for its ironic quality. As will the result of the Chameleon’s negotiation.

    We now have an indication of what the Chameleon will bring home from the conference table.

    It will comprise:
    1. an “emergency brake” on EU migration to Britain
    2. a change to domestic law making clear that parliament is sovereign and Britain’s courts are not bound by the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights
    3. an agreement signed by the other 27 leaders re-branding Britain as a different sort of member state in the outer circle of a two-tier Europe.

    All three will only ever have the status of political agreements. They will not be legally binding. Note Germany’s “Basic Law” says much the same thing as the Chameleon is asking for in # 2, but it has always been over-ruled by the European Court of Justice! The UK law will be no different.

    The Chameleon’s negotiation however will be a success by the standards set for it: it asked for nothing substantial and nothing substantial will be delivered!
    The British Gazette does however have a suggestion about the new brand name to be used. How about, “the Common Market” ? It has a familiar ring to it don’t you think?

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