• Reading the runes: Will he or won’t he?


    In previous articles, this organ – along with other commentators – have suggested that the chameleon is likely have the Brexit referendum in 2017. At first this organ opted for May 2017 in conjunction with the local elections. We later reprised this to October 2017 to spare Frau Merkel on the (for her) disastrous consequences of a Brexit vote in Germany’s federal elections most likely to be held in September 2017.

    It now appears more and more likely that the Chameleon is going to “cut and run” in June 2016.

    The latest indication of this is the full colour double sided A3 leaflet that dropped through the British Gazette’s letterbox this morning. It was from the Europhile Britain Stronger in Europe Campaign/The In Campaign Limited.

    There are two things to note about this leaflet:
    1. It was professionally put together. It is a most competent work.
    2. The Europhile campaign and the Chameleon are to coin one of the Chameleon’s phrases, “All in it together!”

    There are things we must all keep in mind:

    1. Whilst we must not under-estimate our foe, British Gazette readers MUST understand that the Chameleon is doing this (going in June) because of HIS weakness and not ours.
    2. Since the results of the Chameleon’s re-negotiation, when compared with a “hill of beans” cause the latter look like Ben Nevis we can AND MUST regard the referendum as a straightforward IN/OUT on the present basis.
    3. All the other Europhiles (save for the Tory ones) have already publicly discounted any possible results of the Chameleon’s re-negotiation and have come out and declared that they will support the UK remaining “In” whatever.
    4. The Europhiles such as Mr Alan Johnson have done this for a very good reason: since the Chameleon’s re-negotiation was always going to amount to nothing it was the only sensible strategy to adopt; namely to portray the re-negotiation for what its is: a political manoeuvre for internal (Tory) party reasons. In other words, the IN side have already dismissed the re-negotiation as a completely insubstantial Tory political device and therefore are fighting the campaign on a straight “Status Quo/Terra Incognita” basis.
    5. This is because Mr Alan Johnson knows two things: Firstly that the Tories are going to be split down the middle on this. And secondly, the STATUS QUO is his side’s strongest card!
    6. What this means is that the OUT side will have the ball kicked into their court. WE/THEY have to make the case for Brexit.
    7. Whichever way the vote goes there is one likely looser: the Chameleon. Unless the IN side win by a substantial and empathetic margin – well over two thirds of voters voting IN – the Chameleon will be holed below the waterline and will be taking in water. However, we do not know which destroyer – the Johnson (Boris) or the May – will deliver the coup de grâce in the form of a torpedo attack to send the wreck (by then constructive total loss) to the bottom. We do however know that which ever it is (the Johnson or the May) the wreck will be finished off with torpedoes and not by gunfire. Also, with typical Tory ruthlessness, we know neither destroyer will put the scrambling nets over the bulwarks to pick up any survivors.

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