• The migrants stupid!


    Above, the most expensive White Elephant in Europe? The European Parliament building in Strasbourg.

    The phrase “The economy, stupid” was coined by Bill Clinton’s campaign strategist James Carville. It was meant for the internal audience of Clinton’s campaign workers as one of the three messages to focus on, the other two messages being “Change vs. more of the same” and “Don’t forget health care.” Although the phrase was intended for an internal audience of campaign workers, the phrase became a de facto slogan of the successful Clinton election campaign.
    The British Gazette has taken the liberty of paraphrasing this.
    As European politicians are reacting to the ongoing crisis in the wake of the “Rape of Cologne” (http://www.mail.com/int/news/uk/4086448-latest-austria-calls-eu-asylum-reform.html#.1272-stage-hero1-2) it is becoming increasingly clear why the Chameleon might be planning on rushing through the Brexit vote early.

    Notwithstanding the FACT that it has now been 15,726 days OR 43 years, 21 days since Monday 1st January 1973 – TREASON DAY (the day the UK became subject to rule by a Foreign Power) – we sometimes still commit the error of thinking we are living in an independent county when of course the FACT is that we are NOT.

    Even we EuroRealists including from time to time your Editor are lulled into this foolishness!

    We have to remember that the central aspect of the process of EU government is one of negotiation. Of “horse trading.” This might well explain the Chameleon’s strategy. You see it looks increasingly likely that the UK is going to be forced to take in huge numbers of predominately Muslim migrants.

    This is because the nations of eastern and south eastern Europe are refusing to do so and as hundreds of thousands more migrants arrive in Europe throughout 2016 and 2017 Germany and Austria are going to demand that other countries take more migrants. The Chameleon knows that it will be politically impossible for him to refuse this.
    The BBC and the chattering classes will see to that!
    At the same time the Chameleon knows that the very large numbers of Muslim men who will be arriving in the UK in the not too far distant future might contain a small number of men who might proceed to carry out the same violence against British women as their compatriots carried out against German women.
    Were this to happen, the [expletive deleted] will well and truly hit the fan!
    The Chameleon knows full well the effect this would have on his chances of securing a majority to keep the formerly independent United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland a vassal state of the European Union!
    You can be sure that Frau Doktor Merkel is equally as aware of this fact as the Chameleon!
    The next European elections will be in 2019. The European Parliament is pushing for minimum standards, including an electoral threshold of between 3 and 5 percent in member states, for the 2019 EU elections. GOTO: https://euobserver.com/institutional/130457
    Now, Dear Reader, it does not take the Wisdom of Solomon to realise just what is likely to happen to the UKIP vote in the elections to the European Parliament in May 2019 if the Chameleon manges to keep the UK in the EU and we have had several incidences of mass rapes and numerous terrorist outrages between now and then! Especially if an MEP can be elected on 5% of the vote!
    This of course one year before the Chameleon’s own “date with destiny” in May 2020!
    Oh Dear!
    As Doctor Johnson so rightly reminded us, the prospect of being hanged concentrates a man’s mind most wonderfully! Even the Chameleon’s!

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