• UK Government Policy: Let’s tax the poorest at TWICE the rate we tax the rich!


    This is the sort of recommendation one would have expected from Louis Auguste Le Tonnelier, Chief Minister to Louis XVI of France and not from the minsters in 21st Century Britain – even if they are Tories!

    However this is precisely the policy that is applied to such as young mothers struggling to bring up their children whilst on benefits. It is from these ladies that most of those convicted of TV licence evasion are to be found. One of the ways these unfortunate ladies are advised to pay their “TT” or Television Tax as it should be called is by using what is called a TV Licensing payment card. The TV Licensing website advises: “Spread the cost of your colour TV Licence in weekly or monthly payments, from around £5.60 per week.”

    The simple calculation 5.6 x 52 shows that this amounts to a staggering £291.20 per annum! DOUBLE the £145.50 paid by such as the Chameleon and the rest of us!

    My late father was married twice. His first sister-in-law was a very grand lady – it was that sort of family. She was born in the first decade of the twentieth century. She looked and sounded very much like the late Margaret Rutherford. This lady – unusually for the time had pursued a career in the law. She could be most severe and she had very definite ideas that it was a duty of those in her station in life to act justly and fairly to those of the “lower order” they employed. Were she to be resurrected and presented with the Chameleon and advised of this outrageous state of affairs, please be assured Dear Reader that afterwards the Chameleon would feel TWO INCHES TALL.

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