• RIP: Democracy.

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    If we loose the EU referendum, let us campaign to have Remembrance Sunday scrapped.

    Your Editor knows that this suggestion is going to annoy and offend many readers.

    Why then have we made this seemingly outrageously disrespectful suggestion? And what relevance does the image above have to this?

    For the following reasons:

    Now, quite spontaneously without any form of marshalling, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, millions of British People, stop what they are doing and observe a respectful two minutes of silence in memory of all those men and women who have fallen in the service of this Great Nation. It is quite moving.

    Many British Gazette readers will recall that back in the 1970s – during what was known as “the Cold War” – there were calls from numerous politicians and commentators that Remembrance Sunday should be ended because it celebrated war and that World War II had ended a long time ago and the last major conflict (the Korean War) had also ended a long time ago.

    Since then of course we have had the collapse of the USSR, the end of “the Cold War” and as a result, British governments following orders from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20500 U.S.A. to send British forces to join every military adventure the residents thereof embark upon. As a result, there is a regular death toll to add to this formerly sovereign country’s war memorials.

    Along with sending young British servicemen and servicewomen to their deaths in foreign fields, the treasonous coterie of sycophantic, fawning and toadying lickspitles masquerading as Her Majesty’s government have followed the instructions received from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to lease out the sovereignty of the Her Majesty’s realm and the government of the same, to a foreign power, namely the European Union, formerly known as the European Economic Community and the European Community.

    In yesterday’s article we commented about the fact that the Chameleon lied. Today, the excellent Christopher Booker writing in the Daily Telegraph has joined the fray: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/12144436/EU-deal-is-not-legally-binding-in-any-way.html
    Of course, if this poor benighted realm had a Parliament that was not composed of sycophantic, fawning and toadying lickspitles and would properly hold the government to account there is no way there would other than a full blown governmental and parliamentary crisis brewing with a Prime Minister caught “red handed” lying to the Commons!

    But then, alas, we have no proper Parliament any more. In it’s place we have an unlawful assembly composed (with a small number of gallant exceptions) of self serving, dishonest careerists who are nothing more than spineless nobodies pretending to be somebodies.

    Of course the politically correct liberal fascists who comprise the management of the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat don’t give a toss that the Chameleon is lying through his teeth.

    This is why this organ has come to the sad conclusion that it is indeed a gross insult to the Fallen of this Great Nation that such a disgraceful, tawdry little toe-rag as the Chameleon should in great solemnity lay a wreath at the Cenotaph to the memories of brave men and women he is not fit to clean the boots of let alone stand in the presence of their memories.
    Were it of course just this one pathetic, nasty excuse for a man the situation would not be so dire, but this scurrilous pipsqueak is merely one amongst a great number of like minded, similarly motivated odious cretins.

    Democracy has passed away in this Great Nation had has not been mourned, except by those who are denounced by the aforementioned scum as bigots, extremists, far right activists, racists and various other demeaning epithets.

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