• Pity the poor long suffering taxpayer!


    Above is OTO-Melera’s 3 inch (76mm) 62 calibre Super Rapid (SR) naval gun, complete with it’s “stealthy” reduced radar cross section (RCS) gun shield.

    OTO-Melera are very pleased with this gun. It’s predecessor the “Compact” had a ROF (rate of fire) of up to 90 rounds per minute. The SR can fire up to 120 rounds per minute.

    There were reports that the “Compact” suffered from reliability issues. The SR is very recent and any reliability issues will still be highly classified.

    These guns are very popular with navies around the world as the guns offer high performance – touted figures of 120 rpm and anti-missile ability appeals to politicians – as do the latest stealthy style of gun shield – politicians always like something that looks really modern!

    As a result they love to put these weapons on all manner of craft from big to small. Since warships cost money that would otherwise be spent on things such as hospitals, schools and tax cuts, politicians like small ships rather than large ships.

    Now to the question of reliability. Look at the above image Dear Reader. Notice anything?

    Of course you have!

    Anybody who has set foot aboard RMV Scillonian III in Penzance and has made the crossing to Hugh Town, St. Mary’s, the Isles of Scilly will know what your Editor is referring to: Green Water!

    Green Water for the initiated land lubber is water that comes over the bow of a ship in heavy weather. Ask any mariner and he/she will tell you that once dosed with the cold wet stuff you find it gets everywhere! Furthermore, any reader with even the most basic knowledge of electrical wiring will know that electricity and sea water do not make for happy bed fellows!

    Who pays for all this?

    That’s right! The taxpayer!

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