• On message? It’s “I told you so!”

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    Last night, representatives of the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat visited Lichfield cathedral.

    The reason? It was the venue of one of those staged “opinions of average people” this time it was about Brexit. Should we leave or should we stay?

    Sadly the result, nine voting to stay and seven voting to leave may well prove to be the case. One thing that is reasonably likely is that whichever way the vote goes it is unlikely to be an emphatic result.

    Of course those of us wanting to see a restoration of lawful Sovereign government to this kingdom will want an emphatic vote in favour of Brexit.

    However, it is important to fight the campaign in such a manner as to cause maximum damage to our treasonous Europhile enemies as possible.

    If the Chameleon archives victory, we must see to it that this victory is a pyrrhic one.
    How do we achieve this?
    We use the Chameleon’s own LIES against him.
    We know that the Chameleon’s negotiation is a complete sham. That the Chameleon asked for an audience in Berlin with “Sie, die müssen gehorchten!” (She who must be obeyed! – aka Frau Merkel) and was told what he could expect by way of a fig leaf. We now know that the lady decided that the Chameleon would not have a fig leaf but only a fig stalk!

    We know that all the claims the Chameleon will make about the enoumous and significant concessions he has wrought from Brussels will be shown to be totally false. We know the European Council, the European Parliament and the European Court of Justice will put the kibosh on the lot of it!
    WE know this don’t WE!!!!!!!
    So what we must do is this: TELL EVERYBODY! AND KEEP TELLING THEM!

    So, when it is clear that all the so called concessions when put together would make a hill of beans look like Mount Everest, the public will know that:
    By who?
    That LYING TRAITOR the CHAMELEON! That’s who!

    • What now worries me about “out” is that we will be left right up the jaxi of the US, TTIP to the fore, waging US wars on behalf of “those who should not be in control” and become a mere vassal of Crown Corp.

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