• How to Succeed in Politics (For Dummies): RULE #1 – Do NOT get involved in the internal politics of other countries! It will generally achieve the OPPOSITE of what you want!

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    Above is the Unfortunate Mr John Kerry, the Secretary of State of the USA.

    In recommending to British People to vote to ask the Ministers of Her Majesty’s Government to continue to be in breach of their Privy Council Oaths (of ensuring that no Foreign Prince of Potentate shall have Precedence in this land) and by handing over three quarters of the government of Her Majesty’s real to the European Union to cause Her Majesty to be in breath of Her Coronation Oath – pursuant to the Coronation Oath Act of 1953 – Mr John Kerry has made plain his President’s wishes.

    Mr John Kerry however has also made clear that he possesses a quality notably lacking in the Chameleon and his fellow traitors: Honesty! This is because Mr Kerry makes it perfectly clear that he perceives it to be in the interests of the USA for the UK to continued to be ruled by the EU.

    In this he is of course correct for the UK’s involvement in the EU slows down the process of creating a Franco-German dominated Europe.

    Laughingly, the Chameleon thinks that Mt Kerry’s involvement will help him!
    No Mr Chameleon!
    It helps Nigel Farage!
    Just as your idiotic criticism of a certain Mr Donald Trump helped and not hindered him!
    You see, Mr Trump will have been delighted to have a foreign leader suggest to Americans that they should not vote for him!
    As this is a sure-fire way of getting Americans to do precisely that!
    Vote for Mr Trump!
    But then, in the Chameleon we have a man who thinks the stalk of a fig leaf that Frau Merkel has allowed to be given him can be made out to look like a long list of concessions and evidence of a successful negotiation!

    But we should not be surprised at this level of stupidity. After all, is this not the man who thinks that the UK can receive an adequate and secure level of base-load electricity by building wind turbines across the North Sea and that such a preposterously impractical scheme can be regarded as affordable?

    • I think you should be encouraging these ‘foreign’ speeches of support. As you rightly acknowledge they have the opposite effect for the likes of Chameleon but are very helpful in fuelling the resentment of those who do not wish to be dictated to by those not involved.
      Equally enjoyable is the latest attack from Merkel’s sidekick in telling Bill Cash that we will not survive without Germany (!) and there will be trade wars. I say bring it on, if they want to put trade tarrifs on what we sell to them, they obviously don’t realise how hard they would be hit if we did the same in return. I would think Merkel and her gang must be having cold sweats that it is they, who will have to fill the EU coffers to make our vast contribution when it ends.

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