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    Firstly, the Editor extends his profuse apologies to those readers forced to reach for their blood pressure tablets upon reading the title of today’s article, these readers recognising the “Andrew” in question being a certain Andrew Nicholas Duff, OBE!

    Mr Duff of course will be know to the many “kippers” in the East of England Euro constituency as UKIP’s Tim Aker replaced him as the region’s MEP in 2014!

    Mr Duff’s defeat was particularly satisfying for EuroRealists as Mr Duff is a true enthusiast for the European Union!

    Mr Duff will probably be most upset to here this, but we at the British Gazette have a lot of time for Mr Duff! This is because Mr Duff is the sort of politician the British Gazette would like to see more of; Men (and women) who believe in what the say and do not seek to shilly-shally or pussy foot around an issue.

    This of course is something Mr Duff has in common with his successor, Mr Aker! This is because the voter knows where they are with both of these gentlemen. They say what they think! If they don’t agree with something, they let you know it! Plainly. Mr Duff, unlike the Chameleon has never hid his enthusiasm for the EU under a bushel! Mr Duff is and always has been an enthusiastic federalist. And as a graduate of St John’s College, Cambridge, is an intelligent and educated man.

    Since being made unemployed by the Good Folk of Eastern England, Mr Duff has found employment with the European Policy Centre as a Visiting Fellow. Therefore the reader will still realise that his termination of employment notwithstanding, he is still in receipt of some of the reader’s taxes as the EPC is of course funded by the EU!

    As well as helping out at the EPC, Mr Duff “blogs” generally about matters European, and of course he is very well qualified to do this! His latest piece about the Chameleon’s latest tilt at the Brussels windmill is a most observant piece and spells out, naturally from the perspective of a Europhile just how the Chameleon is making a “dog’s breakfast” of the Brexit issue!
    Herewith: http://andrewduff.blogactiv.eu/2016/02/18/what-could-possibly-go-wrong-at-the-european-council/
    Of course, Mr Duff does fall short of stating the obvious, that the whole show is a un grand coup de théâtre! But to paraphrase the late Mandy Rice-Davis; “We would wouldn’t he!”

    This naturally is the cause of some concern for Mr Duff, for as Lord Mandleson pointed out to Mr Evan Davis of BBC2’s “Newsnight” last night, it is in the interests of the Europhiles that the Chameleon come back with some sort of package he can sell to the British electorate!

    Of course the latest realisation that what this organ has described as “a fig stalk – not even a fig leaf” will be overturned by the European Parliament or failing that the European Court of Justice shows that after all this feverish activity the Chameleon has only managed to succeed in paddling his canoe up a certain creek – only to have the paddle taken off him by the EurParl or ECJ!

    Unfortunately for the Chameleon, the particular creek appears to resemble those creeks in the upper reaches of the River Nile! In that it appears to be infested with crocodiles! These crocodiles have names however. One of them goes by the name Boris Johnson!
    NB: Crocodiles are incredibly dangerous creatures – largely because in addition to being what they appear, they are also intelligent! A poor unfortunate soul paddling a canoe will be spotted by hungry crocodiles who have been known to come up under the canoe to tip the unfortunate occupant out!
    Thus the reader may well ponder the spectre of Mr Johnson outside Downing Street!

    • Mr. Cameron may have to come back to a ( delighted ) Eurosceptic cabinet meeting to admit he has got sod all to tell them, in which case, presumably (hold your breath ) he will advise going to the country to persuade the good folk of Britain to vote OUT.

      As much a hope as that is, one must assume it won’t happen and he will spin yarns of how hard he fought for Britain, the sweat, the sleepless nights, etc. etc. when all the time he had not a snowball’s chance in hell of changing one comma or colon in The Lisbon Treaty, that watertight impregnable book of Do As You Are Told At Once rules.

      The Prime Minister of Great Britain has demeaned this Noble Office to a pathetic charade of begging – bowl tactics. We now have to ask permission from 27 other countries before we are allowed to do anything for the welfare of our country.

      This is what we nave come down to. Vote OUT.

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