• Boris Johnson: Marching up the hill. And then down again!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Note: The most common attribution is to Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany (1763–1827), the second son of King George III and Commander-in-Chief of the British Army during the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars. His one field command of significance was the Flanders Campaign of 1793–4, which resulted in the heavy defeat at the Battle of Tourcoing (1794), followed by his recall to England. Flanders has something of a reputation for being flat, the specific location of the “hill” in the nursery rhyme has been attributed to be the town of Cassel which is built on a hill which rises 176 metres (about 570 feet) above the otherwise flat lands of Flanders in northern France.

    Over the 121 days of this campaign, the British People are going to get to hear and awful lot of claim and counter claim. It will become VERY bewildering to those without a definite position or a general lack of interest in politics and current affairs. Because there will be so much verbiage around it will become increasingly difficult to sort out that which needs to be taken note of and that which can be ignored.

    One particular statement made by a certain Old Etonian, one Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, the Member for Uxbridge and South Ruislip and current mayor of London, is one that MUST be taken note of. It is this:
    “…….There is only one way to get the change we need – and that is to vote to go; because all EU history shows that they only really listen to a population when it says “No”……..”
    This statement the British Gazette considers to be HIGHLY revealing for we believe that not only does it outline Mr Johnson’s strategy but also that of many Tory MP’s and Tory party members currently supporting the Leave campaign.

    The importance of this statement is obvious: Forewarned is forearmed!

    The one thing we do know about Mr Johnson is that his studied public image of an upper class buffoon is as false as the Chameleon’s claims about the “fig stalk” of the agreement being legally binding, for under that unruly mop of blonde hair is a very able mind.

    In addition to being an “Eton boy” Mr Johnson is also a “Balliol man” having read Classics at Balliol College, Oxford – he was a member of the Bullingdon Club and might have been the one who persuaded the Chameleon to get, let us say, “up close and personal” with a head of a dead pig! Mr Johnson’s powers of persuasion then are well attested!

    Many readers may well have been disturbed at the predictions of stock market chaos following a Brexit vote in yesterday’s article! (http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2016/02/21/and-now-for-something-completely-different/) Many will be of the opinion that “Project Fear” is something we should be leaving to the Chameleon and his colleagues in the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat!

    However, it is important that we are to be aware of the consequences of a Brexit vote, because you can be absolutely certain that such as Mr Boris Johnson most certainly is!

    In fact, it is more than probably the case that Mr Johnson is banking on such turbulence into catapulting the Europeans into offering REAL concessions (to Prime Minister Johnson of course!) and not the illusory ones they have offered the Chameleon!

    You see, another thing Mr Boris Johnson is wholly au fait with is: Who pays the bills in the EU! They are mostly paid by Germany and the UK! Faced with the British government formally invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, Frau Doktor Merkel will finally be able to force the arms of her fellow EU leaders well and truly near the tops of their spine’s to offer genuine concessions!

    What are these likely to be?

    “Associate Membership” – the fabled “British Model” as mentioned in a previous article: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2015/11/23/the-referendum-managing-conflicting-expectations-and-responding-to-the-voters-wish-list/
    Of course any such accommodation would be subject to something now familiar in Europe! The second referendum!
    This is of course EXACTLY what Mr Johnson has in mind!

    His plan is clearly this:

    1. Lead and win the Leave campaign.
    2. Become Prime Minster.
    3. Conclude a proper agreement with the EU with real and not illusory concessions.
    4. Hold another referendum – which will reunite his party and sideline UKIP and hopefully forestall moves by Mistress Sturgeon for a second independence referendum!

    Thus by New Year’s Day 2017 Mr Johnson plans to be:
    A. The UK’s Prime Minister.
    B. Have the UK still a member of the EU.
    C. Leader of a reunited Tory party on track for a healthy working majority in May 2020 – courtesy of Mistress Sturgeon and the Unfortunate Comrade Corbyn!

    And, wither the Chameleon?

    Maybe Mr Johnson will suggest that he is offered the honorific role of President of the British Pig Association! After all, the man clearly has a personal interest in pigs!

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