• LET’S LIE, LIE AND LIE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Today, the British Gazette has a suggestion that may well raise your hackles, Dear Reader: We know that “Two wrongs do not make a right!” BUT: Since the Chameleon has, is and will continue to lie through his teeth, I think we should on one particular way: if perchance you are going about your business in a public space and an opinion pollster saunters up to you and asks which way you are going to vote in the referendum, instead of saying “Leave” or “don’t know” or “none of your [optional] business” – LIE and say “STAY!”


    Because if the polls show a majority in favour of Brexit, the markets (currency and stock) will react negatively. We will hear more warnings from credit ratings agencies about downgrading the UK’s credit rating and BBC commentators will rush to tell the people that the Chancellor will have difficulty paying down the deficit as the borrowing costs will soar.

    Clearly, the Chameleon and his fellow Europhiles are relying on this.

    Our chances of winning Brexit is based on the prospect that we can categorise the voters into four camps:
    1. those activists and supporters who support “Out”
    2. those activists and supporters who support “In”
    3. those members of the general public who are Eurosceptic – to varying degrees
    4. those members of the general public who are Europhile – to varying degrees

    We know that camps 1. and 2. are definitely going to vote come rain or shine.
    There are some anecdotal indications that of camps 3. and 4., those in camp 3 are more likely to vote that those in camp 4.

    One of our biggest problems will be the opinion pollsters. Any success Nigel and Co. achieve could show up in the opinion polls and if sufficiently positive, will immediately bring the negative market reaction which will then show up in a decline [of support for Brexit].

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