• Wider still and wider shall thy bounds be set!

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    Above Frankfurt am Main which the last time we checked was not in England or Wales! The title of today’s article borrows from the lyrics of A. C. Benson who wrote them for Edward Elgar’s magnificent “Land of Hope and Glory” – “Wider still and wider shall thy bounds be set;” being of course the third line of the chorus.

    This is because the pompous bigoted conceit and intolerance of the British political establishment knows no bounds!

    British Gazette readers should refer to our article “We agree with Laura” of 28th May last year where we comment upon the criminalisation of paying for sex in Northern Ireland. In that article we commented that those seeking professionally provided sexual services would travel abroad to obtain such services. Readers will be aware that in Germany, New Zealand and the State of Nevada in the USA, prostitution is legal.
    GOTO: http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2015/05/28/we-agree-with-laura/
    Well it seems that the MP’s in the Commons are determined to extend their writ to make it unlawful for a British Citizen to pay for sexual services whilst abroad as well as in the UK – where their writ runs. This would raise the prospect of a British man being arrested for “an offence” the actions of which were perfectly legal in the country were those actions took place.

    This is a deeply illiberal act!

    Presumably these MPs will cite instances of British paedophiles convicted in the UK for criminal acts against children practised in South East Asia. The problem for these bigots is that these countries where such very serious criminal offences take place, such actions are in fact illegal there and therefore there can be the co-operation of the police in those countries.

    However, where the acts that a British Citizen may “get up to” are perfectly legal in say, Frankfurt for say a German Citizen are regarded by the British authorities as a crime, how are they going to obtain the co-operation of the German police?

    Presumably they will send – at taxpayers expense of course – undercover British Police Officers to film the comings and goings outside “certain establishments” in cities such as Frankfurt on the off-chance of filming a British Citizen entering such a place!

    This of course raised the delightful prospect of legal action against the British government under the human rights act for this raises the issue of “discrimination” – namely if it is perfectly legal for a European Union Citizen who is also a German Citizen to obtain a professionally delivered sexual service in Germany, then it should also be perfectly legal for any other European Union Citizen (including a British Citizen) to obtain a professionally delivered sexual service in Germany!

    This surely is the apotheosis of the Nanny State!

    Herewith the links to two reports.
    The Independent: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/love-sex/sex-industry/sex-tourists-who-pay-for-prostitutes-abroad-should-face-prosecution-in-uk-a6888351.html
    The Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3457754/Men-pay-sex-abroad-events-stag-parties-face-prosecution-UK-new-proposals.html

    • The BG is absolutely right when it states that this proposed legislation is illiberal. I would have used a stronger word: tyrannical.

      There is ALL the difference in the world between British authorities prosecuting British paedophiles for their crimes committed against children in such places as Cambodia, the Philippines and Thailand because their atrocious crimes are crimes in those countries as well as Britain and it is due to a combination of stretched resources and corruption that prevent the police in those countries from catching these criminals and bringing them to book. It is a very great shame that the police in these countries are not more effective at catching these criminals as the prisons in those countries are let us say, not quite as cushy as British prisons! And I personally would like to see these sick bastards rot in such places rather than be feather-bedded in nice clean comfortable British establishments – which I have to help pay for in my taxes!

      However: in the circumstances of the British Police prosecuting a British man visiting a completely legal brothel in say Stuttgart, for example, Der Paradise, Dieselstraße 25 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen – very serious issues are raised.

      For instance; why should the German Police give any form of co-operation to the British Police in such circumstances? If they were to do so they would be operating double standards. They would be helping to applying a foreign law on that foreign country’s citizens.

      This raises obvious parallels: In recent years tourist spots in Britain and elsewhere have seen a huge rise in Chinese tourists. Suppose the Chinese government were to ask British Police to monitor Chinese Citizens and report to a local Chinese official or British Police became aware of undercover Chinese Police monitoring them? Remember, to the average Chinese communist official criticising Xi Jinping is just as serious to them as a man buying sex from a prostitute is to Ms Harman.

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