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    One of the many good things about Comrade Corbyn is that the gentleman is prepared to speak his mind and to take a different view to those generally prevailing!

    Thus it must have been the case that when he made his comments about decriminalising prostitution, he must have known he was sticking his hand into a particularly angry hornet’s nest! This is because we know one thing for certain: Comrade Corbyn knows the Labour Party very well indeed!

    The British Gazette has, does and always will draw to the attention of it’s readers those instances where we agree with those way may from time to time (and in the case of Comrade Corbyn, many times) disagree with!

    Therefore of course this organ welcomes Jeremy’s brave comments on this issue.
    GOTO: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2016/03/04/jeremy-corbyn-prostitution-decriminalisation_n_9384148.html
    Clearly, this Man of the Left has noted the deeply illiberal plans and machinations afoot to make criminals of British men travelling to countries which at the time of writing are fellow members of the European Union, namely Germany and the Netherlands, to indulge in an activity that is perfectly legal in those countries for other citizens of the European Union.

    Clearly, Comrade Corbyn sees a glaring inconsistency here that has so far escaped the notice of his fellow MP Harridan Hatemen! That such a discriminatory legislative attitude is inconsistant with European Union membership and particularly the Single Market, the “Free Movement of People” and opposing discrimination!

    This if such as Harridan Hatemen really do want to persecute some British men for the life choices they make, she might want to consider joining any one of the three campaigns to leave the european Union!

    Harridan Hatemen is of course joined by other MPs. Labour MP Jess Phillips expressed her dismay at Mr Corbyn’s remarks: “Man says we should decriminalize a known violence against women. Why did it have to be this man.” Ms Phillips remarks clearly shows how she conflates two completely separate things; sexual violence against women and a man paying for sexual services to be provided by a woman who sets out willingly and enthusiastically with no coercion whatsoever to provide such!
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