• Christendom voting for Turkeys?


    In her article (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/turkey/12188043/Why-Angela-Merkels-negotiations-with-Turkey-are-worrying-for-the-UK.html), journalist Allison Pearson – a columnist and the chief interviewer of the Daily Telegraph – opines that Frau Doktor Merkel is making a terrible mistake in allowing Prime Minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu to entertain himself with the thought of Turkish membership of the EU.

    But Ms Pearson should really know better, for she should know that which the likes of British Gazette readers know, with the European Union, things are not what they appear to be!

    So, let us address head on certain FACTS:

    1. The Turkish government, angered by a critical editorial in a newspaper have taken control of it.

    That is like the Chameleon ordering government commissioners to take control of the Daily Mirror! There is something called the European Convention of Human Rights and all EU member states have to abide by it’s terms. Hence the apoplectic fits thrown by the Editor of the Daily Mail from time to time!

    2. Entry of a new member state into the EU required the consent of ALL existing members.

    3. Negotiations are subject to terms and conditions governing a state’s entry.

    The FACT is that Turkey could not join the EU as it is currently constituted as it is as clear as the CND badge in the lapel of Comrade Corbyn’s jacket the eastern European states of Estonia, Lativa, Lithuania and Poland will NOT allow it. So were Turkey to join there is one thing that is certain: Free Movement of People would have to be thrown OUT OF THE WINDOW (and over the hills and far away!)

    This is in fact a good sign as it is clear that the end is nigh for the European Union as we know it!

    The best thing that can happen for us is that the European Union destroys itself. If it does that the country will leave the EU in a similar way that it left the Roman Empire. Our task is to make sure that there is a government in place that is capable of governing as an independent state. This is something the advanced and wealthy society of Roman Britain was unable to do.

    British Gazette readers will of course recall that it was the Treaty of Rome that the arch-traitor Heath signed that caused this nation to loose it’s independence.

    It is funny how history has a habit of repeating itself.

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