• Silly Woman: Anna Soubry.


    Anna Mary Soubry (7th December 1956) is near enough in age (18 months) to your Editor that we can describe ourselves as contemporaries – in generational terms – as such it appears that Ms Soubry might have been exposed to some claptrap peddled by the universities that a friend of the Editor experienced once. This friend – a lady – and your Editor were on a post graduate course some years back now and there was a special section for the female participants. This lady and fellow student related to me her opinion of this section; “Rubbish and a complete waste of my time! They told us to be like men and hone our aggression! They suggested that we drive faster and more aggressively it will make us more successful!” then, “It’s more likely to make us have an accident!” she added.
    Anna Soubry is a recent intake being the Member of Parliament (MP) for Broxtowe since 2010. In that time she has risen up the career ladder of politics due it seems entirely to her gender and not for any talent, as she clearly lacks such.
    What Ms Soubry does however have – in abundance – is aggression for on those occasions that she has partaken in discussions on the TV and the radio she has displayed an irritating excess of this. Thus your Editor concludes that during her earlier career she probably attended the same clap trap feminist sessions that my friend did, but unlike my sensible friend took the message to heart!
    On Friday’s “Any Questions” aired on BBC Radio 4, Anna Soubry, now Minister for small Business, jumped in with both feet and made a fool of herself. Your your delectation Dear Reader, herewith the transcript. Enjoy:
    Jonathan Dimbleby: “Can you both agree on a matter of fact, what proportion of this market is in Europe and what proportion is outside?”
    Anna Soubry: “44% of our exports which is £290 billion goes into the EU.”
    Kate Hoey: “That has gone down by 10% in the last 8 years.”
    Anna Soubry: “But Kate it will go down to almost absolutely zero if we come out of the EU.”

    Ms Soubry has since stated that she “may not have chosen the right words to express my concerns. I meant to say there would be great uncertainty about our future exports to the EU if we vote to leave.”

    • I gave up on Anna Soubrey the first time I had the misfortune to see her on the telly.

      Did you ever see such a ” Common Purpose ” trained operator ? She must have been to every evening class ever arranged by that duplicitous traitor – led mis – organisation.

    • In the light of that first class and revealing comment, do you think she actually knows which side she is on?

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