• The prospect of being hanged in 98 days appears to be concentrating Poor George’s mind wonderfully!


    Firstly, a happy St. Patrick’s day to all our Irish Readers, wherever in the world they are.

    Assuming at least a modicum of rationality in the Unfortunate Osborne’s mind, your Editor availed himself of an opportunity to fill his car up with some fuel ahead of Wednesday’s budget. Well it appears we need not have bothered!

    The fact that Poor George did not avail himself of the opportunity of a low oil price to grab some desperately needed cash speaks volumes.

    Now, it is a well known fact that UK Chancellors of the Exchequer have from time to time taken a party interested short term view and have presented a budget to garner support and/or prevent a haemorrhage of same. “Short term” in these circumstances has generally been in the order of a year or two. It is however clear that Poor George’s time frame is somewhat shorter! Ninety nine days (from Budget Day) in fact!

    The event that has focused the mind of Poor George is of course the EU referendum. This is because it is on Thursday 23rd June 2016 that Poor George accompanies his master the Chameleon to the steps leading up to the scaffold of public opinion to await his fate!

    Will he and the Chameleon be led up those steps, have the noose placed around their neck and have the trap doors open beneath him or will Boris and his sidekick, Mr Gove suffer this fate instead?

    The one thing that these four gentlemen know they have in common is that for two of them they are going to be led onto that metaphorical scaffold and those metaphorical trap doors will open beneath them and they will drop from the political world of the present into that of the past for their political careers will be dead!

    Faced with this, Poor George naturally crafted the budget with the above in mind! And as so often is the case, actions speak louder than words!

    You see, in a way one would hope that most voters when considering how they are going to vote on 23rd June, would consider the issue (UK membership of the EU) in question and decide accordingly. If one assumes that Poor George and the Chameleon have availed themselves of the resources of Conservative Central Office to perform some polling research into attitudes and voting intentions and what lies behind such, it is clear that the pollsters may have gleaned that a substantial proportion of the electorate are going to use the occasion of deciding whether the UK is to continue with being unlawfully governed or not as a popularity poll on the government!
    Only this can explain the following: cutting Capital Gains Tax and raising the 40% tax threshold by cutting benefits to disabled persons in poverty.
    Poor George clearly does not want to upset in any way those well to do middle class voters most likely to vote for Brexit at the expense of unfortunate people likely to vote as most in the Labour Party advocate – to remain in the EU.

    Normally your Editor would despair of such donkey voting but we are in the midst of a most extraordinary political campaign. It is extraordinary for two sets of reasons:
    Firstly, there can hardly be a more important issue for the public to decide on: Should the Ministers of Her Majesty continue to ensure that the government of this formerly sovereign kingdom is governed unlawfully by a foreign power (the EU) with these ministers breaking the Most Solemn Oath of Privy Councillor, thus causing Her Majesty to be in breach of Her Coronation Oath (to govern us according to our laws and customs and not those of the EU) thereby committing the felony crime of High Treason OR should the UK be restored to lawful government and this treason ended!
    Secondly, the campaign so far has been conducted with the most extraordinary degree of stupidity and tragically most of that stupidity has been on the Brexit side!

    Therefore the Editor can only suggest that since Boris is behaving like a donkey in a glassware shop, the best we can hope for is for many voters to behave similarly when they cast their vote for Brexit – with them voting for us because they don’t like the cut of the Chameleon’s jib!
    Let us face it, it does not matter why voters vote for Brexit. What matters is that they vote for Brexit!
    Some of our readership are persons of faith and may well pray to their deity to intervene! Our advice is to pray for rain on 23rd June, and wind, and fog and any other time of storm, tempest or flood likely to discourage voters from going to the polls for as one of the senior folk in the pollster You Gov pointed out, many Brexiteers will walk barefoot over broken glass to cast their vote to stop the breach of Her Majesty’s Coronation Oath whereas many who would vote to have the UK remain in the UK are much less minded to vote.
    Herewith the Guardian’s report on the Budget: http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/mar/16/budget-2016-osbornes-giveaways-mask-56bn-black-hole?utm_source=esp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=GU+Today+main+NEW+H&utm_term=162259&subid=15907465&CMP=EMCNEWEML6619I2

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