• Avoiding an own goal: Donald Trump.


    In our article of the 13th March (http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2016/03/13/mr-president-is-this-a-joke-because-our-article-of-february-29-was/), we discussed how we Brexiteers should deal with the forthcoming campaign trip to the UK by President Obama for the purposes of supporting the “Remain” campaign. We expressed our surprise that a foreign head of government would undertake such an unprecedented step.

    Without re-ploughing this particular field, we would however restate that what Mr Obama intends to do is unprecedented and also that he will have been fully advised of this and of the visit’s ramifications – for the USA.

    You can be sure of one thing Dear Reader: The US administration would not be doing this if it was considered not to produce a positive return. They will be fully aware of the fact that it is the case – not only with such as Mr Obama but also often the case with other politicians that they can find a warmer more positive reception amongst the populations of other (friendly) countries than that they could expect from their own citizens. In a British context, this was most clearly demonstrated by the rapturous reception received by the late Margaret Thatcher and also to a lesser extent by Tony Blair from the American public.

    There are other things that we can draw from Mr Obama’s intention:

    1. He will have been invited by the Chameleon himself. There is no way that the President of the United States of America would consider undertaking such an unprecedented visit unless he was clearly invited to do so by the head of government of the state in question.
    2. The Chameleon is desperate. The Chameleon would not have offered and the President would not have accepted if it was not deemed necessary!

    Let us also observe that the campaign is still in it’s early stages. The Electoral Commission has not yet assigned the “designated lead campaigner” for each side. Yet at this early stage Mr Obama and Mr Kerry have already made interventions into the campaign. Again this would not have been done without the Chameleon’s consent.

    With the Unfortunate Osborne’s budget disaster and Ian Duncan Smith’s resignation, we can see that the wheels are becoming to come off the Tory bandwagon – and we are still 98 days away from polling day!

    Then there is another thing: we know that British Voters punish parties who are seen to be fighting amongst themselves.

    Things therefore are looking up for the Brexiteers!

    We must therefore ensure that we do not shoot ourselves in the foot! Let us leave this for the Remainers!

    The one thing that we MUST AVOID is to have anyone on our side to accept any invitation by representatives of Mr Donald Trump to visit the UK in support of Brexit following Mr Obama’s visit!

    If this were to happen the results would be disastrous!

    Were Mr Trump to come the reaction from the left of British politics would be fierce. It would be much the same as past reactions to a certain Mr Nick Griffin.

    It would drive voters away from the Brexit cause in huge numbers.

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