• Multigen Marketing Solutions Private Limited: A pestilential nuisance!

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    Above an anonymous apartment block on Arcot Road, Virugambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Concrete tower blocks are still very popular and highly sought after residences in the Indian city of Chennai.

    Virugambakkam is a residential neighbourhood of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is an important residential area and is famous for its schools, market, residential colonies and residences of film artists. Virugambakkam had some of Chennai’s oldest film studios.

    A flat in a block similar to the above is the registered office of a company called, Multigen Marketing Solutions Private Limited. Their CIN (Company Identification Number) being

    Multigen Marketing Solutions Private Limited’s registered address is E-6, Reddamma Apts., 14B Arcot Road, Virugambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India 600092. The date of it’s incorporation: 5th May, 2008. It’s status is ACTIVE – something your Editor can confirm.

    Other information is:
    Jurisdiction: India
    Company Type: Private
    Business Category: Business Services
    State: Tamil Nadu
    Authorised Capital (Indian Rupee): 100,000.00

    Why, Dear Reader is this organ giving such publicity to such a seeming innocuous business on the Asian subcontinent? Because it’s business practices are most irritating. We could go so far to say harassing.

    It is the hundreds of young Indian men employed by this company – probably working in a hot and sultry run-down area of Chennai and not the “posh area” of Virugambakkam, who are constantly ringing thousands upon thousands of long suffering British domestic landline users repeatedly asking the person picking up the phone to take part in a consumer survey.

    What is particularly annoying is that these young men, obviously Indians who falsely purport to be “Steven” or “Eric” or “James” or some other such British Christian name, when it is perfectly obvious they are anything but! It is an insult to the intelligence of those receiving their pestering calls!
    Doubtless this statement will be deemed an incitement to racial hatred!
    Do we care?
    Err… No!

    We await officers from Devon and Cornwall Police!
    The customers of Multigen Marketing Solutions Private Limited are businesses selling products and services to the domestic British market. Multigen Marketing Solutions Private Limited operates in a harassing manner that would not be permitted by Ofcom based in Riverside House, 2a Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 9HA.

    But Multigen Marketing Solutions Private Limited are based in Tamil Nadu and beyond the reach of the British authorities since 1947.

    The way to deal with Multigen Marketing Solutions Private Limited is to make any British based business using the services of Multigen Marketing Solutions Private Limited liable to civil action for harassment. This would stop such harassment in its tracks!

    Why then does the government not do such a straightforward and popular thing?

    • When I receive a call from them, I stop Mary or Jack before they start their spiel and ask what their surname is, this totally throws them and then tell them I don’t do phone surveys before they have a chance to regroup.

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