• A report on what has happened today Tuesday 19th April, 2016.


    Today’s article is late. With very good reason. Your Editor has only just got back into this universe as the last 10 hours have been spent in a parallel universe. Well, I say parallel. This leads the reader to assume an identical universe. Not so! As you can see from the image, I had the company of a delightful young lady whose residence you see behind her is somewhat larger than my modest first floor flat in Cornwall! I am of course a gentlemen and readers will therefore allow me to be discrete and say no more!

    Whilst I was away it seems a certain Mr Gove was interviewed by Mr Nick Robinson.
    Herewith: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03rhxjk
    Mr Gove’s vision through which we would gain access to the Single Market is a fantasy. There is however a bizare logic to it! You see if the Chameleon can get away with a pretend treaty, why shouldn’t Mr Gove and Vote Leave get away with having a completely fictitious European free trade zone?

    This is getting almost like the Goons – the sketch where Neddy Seagoon decides to hold up a bank to get some money. He doesn’t have a gun so he goes in and waves a colour photograph of a gun at the bank staff. They give him a colour photograph of some money.

    We are descending into the depths of the surreal. There is nothing here, any more – nothing real – that we can take seriously. Perhaps we’ve slipped unknowingly into a parallel universe. But then that is impossible as I have just arrived back from one!

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