• Addressing reality: Actions have consequences.


    The above image of the young ladies above is from a Miss Wet T-Shirt competition held at the Banana Jack Boltenhagen, Ostseeallee 58, Ostseebad Boltenhagen in Germany on Saturday 8th August 2015 from 10:00 pm.

    The central aspect of this competition is of course to have the tee shirts worn by these young ladies become wet thus revealing the charms underneath! This is because every sentient human being with at least two functioning brain cells knows what happened to the said tee shirts when water is applied!

    The seeming lack of such rudimentary awareness of “What happens if I do this….” in the Brexit campaign – on both sides – is surreal and prompted Tuesday’s tongue-in-cheek article (http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2016/04/19/a-report-on-what-has-happened-today-tuesday-19th-april-2016/). Nevertheless, this article made a serious point and today’s second article underlines it by reprising another consequence of a Brexit.

    Last night’s “Newsnight” had Evan Davis discuss the topic of the USA’s involvement in the Brexit debate. What was particularly helpful was to have Mr Strobe Talbott, US Deputy Secretary of State from 1994 to 2001 state unequivocally US opposition to Brexit.

    Happily (for the Brexiteers) Mr Talbott was a lot more forthcoming than most British politicians. Mr Talbott was clear: That the USA believes (correctly) that the EU will be far more able to survive the strains and crisis it is currently experiencing were the UK to remain a member of it. Mr Talbott went on to repeat his warning by voicing the corollary: that if the UK left the EU the EU will be far less able to survive the strains and crisis it is currently experiencing. Mr Talbott then made a very telling remark:
    That the UK in the EU makes the UK part of the solution. Having the UK outside the EU makes it part of the problem.
    The reader will note that we have put the above text in bold. This is because this has been THE MOST IMPORTANT statement made so far during the referendum campaign. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the reader realise that Mr Talbott is a very experienced member of the Washington DC establishment and is a man who chooses his words very carefully.

    Mr Talbott went as far as he obliquely could to warn British Brexit voters that voting for Brexit would have consequences that they may not like.

    After Mr Talbott, Mr Davis interviewed Suzanne Evans MEP. Ms Evans seemed unconcerned and suggested that things on the international level would remain pretty much the same post Brexit.

    Ms Evans could not be more wrong!

    It MUST be understood that the USA and its Foreign Policy towards Europe and NATO is, and has always been THE reason why the UK joined the European Community in 1973. The deal was this: the UK joins the EC/EEC/EU and undergoes a gradual but steady process of handing over it’s sovereignty to the EC/EEC/EU. The reason being that the USA wants a reliable ally with a similar “world view” at the EC/EEC/EU decision making table. In return the UK will be assured of the support of the USA for the maintenance of it’s high profile (continuing Permanent Membership of the UN Security Council – with the all important veto).

    Ms Evans and all other UKIP members – MUST understand that Brexit will seriously annoy the US political establishment. It is all very well for Ms Evans to state the blindingly obvious on BBC TV – that no US politician would contemplate suggesting to the US electorate or US media that the USA enter into a similar arrangement and allow itself to be governed by foreign powers! That counts for absolutely NOTHING.

    The Editor will therefore say what the US Secretary of State would say behind closed doors to a British Brexiteer:

    “The USA has expended and continues to expend very considerable resources in financial, material and personnel defending the interests of the European nations. So you moan about being outvoted in the EU. Well tough! That is your part of the deal! Our part is that we have your back at the UN and internationally. If you imagine that we will continue have your back should you Brexit, well you are just plain whistling Dixie!”

    The British Gazette message to Ms Evans and others in UKIP: Get real!

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