• President Obama on the subject of: America’s Strongest Allies

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    “We have no stronger ally than”:
    - Denmark
    - Norway
    - the Netherlands
    - Ireland
    - Philippines
    - Australia
    - Poland
    - Great Britain
    - Germany
    - Korea
    - Israel
    - France
    - Italy
    - Japan
    British Gazette comment #1: You forgot Canada right next door!!!!!
    British Gazette comment #2: Words such as broken, player and gramophone come to mind!
    British Gazette comment #3: A question to our readers in Central and South America:
    Do you good people ever get a little irritated by the citizens of the USA claiming a seeming exclusive right to use the term “America” to describe their nation state?

    • The short aswer is yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Although I am not an American citizen, my son is and I simply cannot stand how his living in US has changed him beyond all recognition. He now refers to where I live as “Trumpton”. The egocentric US needs to equalise with the rest of this planet on which we all live. This “he who has the most money has unassailable power” is temporary but I do quite (change to very much} look forward to the power of the US diminishing considerably, I just hope it does not take tooooooooooo long. I expect I will be accused of being anti US now, we shall have to invent a word for it “anti-……………..” any suggestions?.

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