• The inevitable consequence!


    I like to take a walk every day. Unless it is raining. Or foggy. It rarely snows however. Which is just as well as the route I sometimes take – across the Kenidjack Valley – is steep and rocky and would present the walker with a treacherous path were it covered by snow and ice. However this rarely happens! One thing that does indeed happen in the Kenidjack Valley is that one meets other walkers. Often these walkers will have dogs. The valley was an important area of tin mining and the remains of Wheal Owles, Wheal Castle, Boswedden Mine and the Kenidjack arsenic works are still visible. Walking across the valley to Cape Cornwall involves crossing the Tregeseal River that flows down the valley and discharges into the Atlantic a furlong or so along the shore (it is a half mile walk from the bridge to the Cape) north of Cape Cornwall just half-a-mile north-east of the large village of St Just. The Tregaseal River can be described as a large fast flowing stream and the bridge across it comprises a large single slab of granite built on two stub piers. Two steel railings are attached by means of steel under-strapping using a galvanised RSJ.

    The other day – a nice sunny day – I was walking towards the bridge along a narrow path that borders a field where two donkeys owned by a lady in a house a hundred yards away graze. Ahead at the bridge were a middle aged couple with a dog. They had let the dog off the leash to allow it to go down the bank and have a drink and a quick dip in the water. After the dog had bathed and drank what it wanted it came out and then did what all dogs do in such circumstances: Vigorously shake the water from their fur! With the same inevitable consequences for the owners standing nearby: they get splashed!

    This situation has been repeated countless times betwixt human and dog since the Palaeolithic times when man domesticated the wolf. As such I did not advance upon the couple until the dog had fully deposited the water from the river on them and not me!

    Most humans on the planet should of course be aware of this! However, two humans in particular – Barack Obama and Hilliary Clinton – apparently are unaware of this common canine behaviour!

    Presumably Her Majesty the Queen – a highly experienced and knowledgeable dog owner – thought this little nugget of information so obvious that she did not advise the President of this on his recent visit!

    We can tell this because they presumably FAILED to take into account that by involving the Democratic Party in British party politics – the Brexit debate – the Republican Party was bound to be drawn into the fray!

    This is EXACTLY why the foreign policy specialists employed at the US State Department will have argued that President Obama stay out of UK politics!

    The Daily Express covers the brouhaha occurring on the other side of the pond: http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/664848/Ted-Cruz-Barack-Obama-front-of-queue-Brexit-trade-deal-EU-referendum-Donald-Trump
    Herewith part of it:

    Mr Cruz said: “As usual, Mr Obama has the situation exactly backwards.

    “We should be respecting the rights of the British people to participate in their democratic process, and denouncing the Castros’ illegitimate oppression of their own people.

    “And rather than trying to eke some meagre profits out of Cuba’s anaemic, state-run system, we should be exploiting the opportunity to partner with the far more powerful British economy.

    “The British people will shape their destiny, and we will stand with them regardless of the outcome of the referendum.

    “As president, I will work to ensure that our special relationship is reinvigorated — and the Obama doctrine of coddling tyrants while castigating democratic allies will finally be at an end.”

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