• Those local election results – UKIP Coming 2nd: The healthiest corpse in the morgue!


    Above, an elm coffin. The coffin alludes to the state of British politics – not UKIP!

    My grandfather was a farmer. He was also a timber merchant. And an agricultural contractor. His hobbies were playing draughts, bowls and cabinet making. After he retired, he became a magistrate. He was always a Methodist. But was never a member of “The Band of Hope”. He was a strong supporter of the Liberal Party. But in the days when the Liberal Party believed in keeping the power at Westminster and not handing the government of the realm to a foreign power with it’s capital in Brussels.

    One day an old man in Golberdon – a village just to the north west of Callington, Cornwall – died. This old man did not leave a lot of money to his widow and family for the very simple reason he didn’t have much money when he was alive! Because undertakers then (as now) relied on the sense of grief and the need to show “respect” and also to demonstrate to the community that they loved their loved one, the poor widow was a having problems affording a proper send off for her husband.

    My grandfather in an act of Christian charity offered to make a coffin for her husband FOC. This offer was accepted with alacrity by the grieving lady. My grandfather had some elm and he made the coffin from that. My late father who was about nine at the time remembered the finished result. My grandfather did not varnish the casket but oiled it which enhanced the red in the wood. Dad said the casket looked lovely.

    Some three score years and ten after this Cornish gentleman was laid to rest in the graveyard of the local parish church, a salesman selling equipment to the Home Office had a conversation about the equipment he was selling to a pathologist. Veering off the subject of the matter in hand, the pathologist was keen to comment upon a corpse he had recently autopsied. This was a tragic case of a young man collapsing – dead – at an amateur sporting event. The pathologist was keen to remark that this young man was, “The healthiest corpse I have had to deal with for some time!” The medic went on to wax lyrical about the condition of the young man’s cardiovascular system, and the good state of his major organs. It demonstrated that the young man had in life taken on board all the medical profession were lecturing the public on about a good healthy diet, regular exercise, little indulgence in alcohol and of course, no smoking. It was for the medic a pleasant change from having to autopsy the old, obese chronically sick persons that came onto his table most days.

    Hearing this the salesman said, “Yes, but he’s still dead.”

    “Enough! Enough!” We hear you shout Dear Reader. “What has this to do with the local election results!” We hear you ask.


    UKIP’s Nigel Farage when interviewed on the BBC this morning made mention of the FACT that UKIP have come second to Labour in many elections in the Labour heartlands. Naturally, Nigel is pleased an buoyed up by this! After this short interview the presenter at the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat moved onto other topics. After all, the BBC will only give the minimum amount of air-time to UKIP that it can get away with. Nigel indeed stated, “That there are no prizes for coming second” – and under First Past The Post this is the case.

    The Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat of course is determined to avoid a factual analysis of these local election results in Labour’s heartlands.


    Because that will expose the awful TRUTH about what is happening in British Politics today. The Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat DOES NOT want to reveal what is happening to their long suffering and hard pressed payers of the Television Licence – aka the SPT (State Propaganda Tax).

    It therefore falls to the British Gazette to tell the British People what the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat refuses to tell.

    What we are sadly seeing in these Labour heartlands is the growth of sectarian politics. This is the “Nightmare Scenario” the politically correct establishment are desperate to avoid talking about. All the BBC could be forced to admit is that many Labour voters did not vote Labour but voted UKIP. The Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat then leaves it at that!

    The REASON WHY thousands of working class former Labour voters are now voting UKIP is that they feel that Labour no longer represents them. One of the policy areas that journalists raise as a point of concerned is “immigration”. Whilst this is the case, this is a misleading and simplistic statement that these journalists refuse to elaborate on. Why? Because the rise of sectarian politics is the BIG SECRET the politically correct establishment insists of suppressing.

    Evidence about part of the nature of Labour’s problem came to the surface just before the election with the brouhaha vis-à-vis anti-Semitic comments made by some Labour politicians. Labour’s problem has been growing over decades. After the Second World War the UK began to encourage immigration from what was later called “the New Commonwealth” – particularly India, Pakistan and the West Indies. As a result mass migration took place over a relatively short space of time. These people, many of them Muslims from Pakistan settled in close knit communities in the mill towns of the North of England. They displaced the indigenous population. There has been little integration and the present state of Britain is described as “multi-cultural”.

    Multi-cultural is in fact an excellent term as it accurately gets to the knub of the whole issue!

    Many will suggest that there is a religious aspect to this and they would be correct. Many cite a racial aspect and they too would be correct. But the problem we have is best described by the use of the word “cultural” because in the widest sense the problem is cultural.

    Let us make a hypothetical scenario (somewhat close to UKIP South West’s home) to illustrate the point. William Legge, 10th Earl of Dartmouth, FCA (know to us as William Dartmouth), is one of UKIP’s two MEPs in the South West. Now let us allow our imaginations to run riot and imagine that Steve Crowther discovered and old blue police box in a quiet street near UKIP’s offices in Newton Abbot and discovered that it was a TARDIS! Which as all us who were small children and hid behind the sofa in the mid 1960s will testify stands for “Time and Relative Dimension in Space” – How sad is that!

    Now let us suppose that Steve figured out – after all, he’s a clever chap – how to operate the TARDIS and decided to surprise William by introducing William to a long dead ancestor, a certain Sir William Washington, of Packington, co. Leicester who was the father-in-law of William’s ancestor William Legge (who was a Groom of the Bedchamber and Treasurer of the Ordnance).

    Now, Sir William Washington will have been born around the end of the 16th Century and the beginning of the 17th Century and had Steve had gone back to say 1624 a year before King James I died and brought Sir William back to the present we have to ask, what would Sir William make of England 2016?
    Not only would the poor man be completely shocked, he could well be outraged for the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-faith, multi-gender (whilst in 1624 they had two human sexes; male and female. We in 2016 now have a multiplicity!) England we now have is completely different. Furthermore Sir William may well using the reference points in his own mind – from the culture and social mores of 1624 – conclude that such as those taking part in Brighton’s “Gay Pride”march are creatures of Satan! Now there are historians amongst our readers who will quickly point out that if Sir William was a courtier in the court of King James I he would have been well acquainted with such things. True, but not in the widespread social acceptance and encouragement of them! Which is why we have cited this particular example.

    So, what has this to do with the present day state of the Labour Party?


    When you import a large number of culturally distinct people over a relatively short period and these people do not integrate and take on the social mores and customs of their new country but cling to their existing values you effectively are importing a population and a society. The political culture in Pakistan used to be very different to the UK’s. The UK’s however is rapidly taking on the political culture of Pakistan. This is because those in the Pakistani community have traditionally regarded the Labour Party as THEIR party. The party that any member of their community should join if they are interested in politics. This was not based upon an intellectual belief in the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels or being fans of Clause Four. It was because the Labour Party was correctly identified (by those in the Pakistani community) as best representing the interests of mill workers. Since that time many of the descendants of these mill workers have prospered and now have professional careers and many are successful business people. Most politically interested members of this community however continue to regard the Labour Party as THEIR party. Such people tend to take a proprietorial view on this. This has led to concerns about postal votes and other electoral practices.

    Whilst this was going on we had the baleful influence of the autocratic rulers of Saudi Arabia. The Saudis have generously financed the construction of many mosques and madrassas that teach Wahhabism, a particularly austere and rigid form of Sunni Islam which is rooted in Saudi Arabia.

    The surprising thing is this: That the drift from Labour by the white working class core voters did not take place sooner and faster. This is probably a testament to the inherent conservatism (small C) of the British working class.

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