• The EU Referendum: Might some of the Remainers share the fate of Al Capone?


    Above, Mr Alphonse Gabriel Capone, an American entrepreneur. Of course calling Mr Capone an American entrepreneur is a misleading description. In two ways. Firstly, the use of the word “American” is commonly used by most citizens of the United States of America to describe their nationality. This to the chagrin of the citizens of other states on the American continent. Then of course is the use of the word “entrepreneur” to describe Mr Capone’s highly illegal business activities! But then a certain Mr David Cameron (aka the Chameleon) persists in describing himself as the head of government of an independent nation state.

    Of course, Mr Capone will always be remembered for the manner of his downfall.

    Conviction for tax evasion.

    Mr Capone was convicted and was sentenced to eleven years in federal prison in November 1931, fined $50,000 plus $7,692 for court costs, and was held liable for $215,000 plus interest due on his back taxes. A contempt of court sentence was served concurrently.

    What connection can Mr Capone’s fate possibly have with the Remain campaign? We hear you as Dear Reader.


    The link starts with the old proverb many British Gazette will have used to advise those of the friends and/or family tempted to tell an untruth.

    “If we practice to deceive: Oh! What a tangled web we weave!”

    As all will know, the truth of this proverb lies in the fact that one lie tends to be-get another, and another……. The liar can find themselves on an interminable slope of deception as they find themselves forced to issue one untruth after another to avoid the discovery of the earlier ones! Thus it was that Mr Capone was forced to conceal the vast earnings he was making from the United States Inland Revenue Service!

    We know that the Chameleon started his campaign with a lie (that the “agreement” he obtained from the EU was legally binding). We knew that the Chameleon would use the same scaremongering tactics he deployed in the Scottish independence referendum. We know that the Remain campaign would focus on “the economy” in an attempt to persuade those voters not committed to the Brexit argument to vote “In”.

    In our article of the 23rd February (http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2016/02/23/you-aint-seen-nothing-yet/) we drew the Reader’s attention to what we thought was the Achilles Heel of the Brexit case: that any success we experienced in OUR campaign would be reflected in the opinion polls. That any such polls that showed the Brexiteers ahead of the Remainers would have a negative effect on the currency market and the stock markets. This of course would be used as evidence by such as the Chameleon and his sidekick Osborne as proof of their claims. This would inevitably result in subsequent polls reversing the Brexit lead which would then be reflected by positive movements in the markets thus reinforcing the Chameleon’s case! This would have trapped the Brexit campaign in a “no win” “catch 22” scenario!

    Now for the BIG NEWS!

    The above has NOT happened!

    The question we have to ask is WHY?

    There are TWO possibilities:

    The opinion polls showing the Remain camp are ahead are CORRECT.

    The opinion polls showing the Remain camp are ahead are WRONG.

    There appears to be anecdotal reports from some Brexiteer activists that the positive feedback and the lack of negative feedback they are getting “on the ground” is at variance with poll reports indicating the Remain camp are ahead. Some or all of this might be down to the “unpopularity factor”. The unpopularity factor comes into play where a respondent [to an opinion pollster] either lies because they deem their voting intention to be unpopular and do not wish to bear the brunt of any opprobrium or otherwise demurs by refusing to answer of tells the pollster they have not decided. Then of course there is the British Gazette! In our article of the 24th February we urged our readers to “lie, lie and lie again” (http://www.british-gazette.co.uk/2016/02/24/lets-lie-lie-and-lie-again/) and advise any opinion pollster that they were Remainers and not Bexiteers – to avoid the problems described in the previous day’s article!

    Certain persons in the Brexit campaign have made the suggestion that some in the Remain camp may have commissioned opinion pollsters to “rig” the survey to indicate that the Remain camp are ahead. It is suggested that the reason for doing this would be to discourage the Brexit campaign and to persuade voters to vote “In”.

    IF this is the case this will be the most conclusive “own goal” that will have been scored in a campaign where the level of “own goals” being scored on each side has caused the campaign to become a completely surreal experience.

    This is because of the aforementioned danger factors of polls showing the Brexit campaign ahead of the Remain campaign pose! Why else would your Editor advise you Dear Reader to help bring about a situation where the polls show the Remain camp have a lead! Please be assured, your Editor is not in the business of scoring goals for Remain camp! We think such as Mr Clegg should score his own goals – without ANY help from us!

    Now let us be clear. It IS the case that there are some voters that vote based on who they think will win, these voters voting for the candidate/cause they think will win. Your Editor knows with certainty that such voters exist as in the 1980s I met one when I stood as a candidate in the local elections (for Lord Owen’s SDP). “I vote for the man who I think is going to win” a voter said to me on their doorstep. “Why?” I asked. “Because I like to be on the winning side.” they answered.
    So we have to ask ourselves this question: Why would anybody on the Remain side wish to rig a poll to show them in the lead?

    The reason Dear Reader, is exactly the SAME ONE as previously stated!

    To prevent market turbulence!!!!!!!!!!!

    You see, whilst Your Editor fears that such negative turbulence will prove disastrous to the Brexit campaign, the bosses of the large corporations who are the supporters of the remain campaign don’t want such negative turbulence as such will adversely affect their companies. This is PARTICULARLY the case with the banks whose share price affects their liquidity ratios under the present regulations!

    You see Dear Reader, the bosses of the UK’s largest corporations regard the EU referendum as a damn nuisance and an unnecessary risk to run.

    This of course would mean that the Remain camp would be exposing their own Achilles Heel!

    Voter turnout – the LACK of it!

    This is ONE thing that should keep such as the Chameleon awake at nights!

    His advisers will have told him that the Brexit campaign’s Great Strength is the sheer determination of most of those who wish to vote for Brexit to turn out and actually cast their vote! They KNOW that great numbers of an apathetic public disposed to vote to Remain have got to be encouraged to actually go to the polling station and vote! They KNOW that whilst this is a problem that afflicts the Chameleon, Nigel Farage is completely free of this affliction! Some of Mr Farage’s supporters would walk bare foot over broken glass to cast their vote for Brexit!

    The ONE thing they know will result from polls showing the Remain campaign ahead is that large numbers of potential voters for Remain won’t turn up to vote as they will have concluded that the Remainers have won and they don’t have to bother!

    Now let us enter into some speculation:

    IF some in the Remain camp are commissioning “rigged” polls might they also be commissioning non-rigged polls for their own private purposes?

    If they are, this in and of itself is not a criminal offence. However, to use such “inside information” for financial gain most certainly is!

    Let us suggest a hypothetical scenario:

    In the days leading up to polling day, a leading member of the Remain camp [Person X] is in possession of polling data that indicates that the “Out” campaign is 6% ahead whilst the rigged polls indicate the “In” campaign is ahead by 10%. Because there has been no significant adverse movements on the exchanges, Mr Carney has not taken action to close them. Thus the markets are set to open on Friday 24th June.

    Person X decided to make some money. Using as a vehicle, an Panamanian registered “exempt” [from Panamanian taxes and insular reporting requirements] Person X takes a very large short position on Sterling. In other words they sell a huge quantity of Sterling for US $ in the expectation that when the BBC announces a Brexit result, the currency markets when opening at 8 AM will have Sterling drop like a lorry load of lead bricks off the top of the Shard! Person X will then be able to purchase a huge quantity of Sterling at a much much lower price – via their company in Panama of course – and make a huge profit!

    Of course, if Person X got caught they would end up spending a long time in prison!

    Just like Mr Capone.

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