• We want the FACTS: Here they are.


    Many British Gazette readers will have heard members of the British Public state: “I/We want the facts.” Most state this because although they are not fully au fait with the current political situation – unlike many political activists – they are not “green behind the ears” and as mature adults can spot bullshit when they see/hear it. And let us face it, there is an awful lot of bullshit being shovelled around at this time!

    Alan Clark’s admission during the Matrix Churchill trial that he had been “economical with the actualité” gave users of the English language a new phrase to use. A phrase perfect to describe the deliberate misrepresentations of http://www.voteleavetakecontrol.org/ and http://www.strongerin.co.uk/.
    There is something perfectly obvious here and the British Public know it!
    Why does a person tell a lie?
    Because they think the lie will more likely achieve their objective than telling the truth!

    The Remain camp lie because they know that apart from pro EU activists in the Labour Party (most), Liberal Democrat (all) and the Greens (nearly all) the British electorate are not enthusiasts for the EU.

    Therefore they concentrate of Fear, uncertainty and doubt (often shortened to FUD). There is a good Wikipedia article on FUD:
    Many of those on the Leave side persist in refusing to put forward a sound and practical answer (Flexcit) because they feel that most of the electorate who are not political enthusiasts (most) as he feel correctly that most of these people are more concerned about immigration than Westminster ceding sovereignty to Brussels. Were they to adopt Flexcit they would have to admit to the Remainers assertions that there would be no change vis-à-vis the Free Movement of People.

    They fear (correctly) that many of these people would say to themselves, “…Well there’s not much point in taking the risk [of Brexit]” in these circumstances. Thus such as Mr Johnson persist in peddling the nonsense they peddle.

    Now of course someone might argue: “Flexcit can be the first stage. We can look to negotiate new arrangements from the security and stability of the Flexcit position.”

    True, but such – if the government of the day desired it – would take time. Mr Johnson knows that telling the Average Voter: “We could fully control immigration along the lines UKIP suggest, but we would be looking at a time frame of say ten years…” won’t cut it! It is an easy job for British politicians to persuade the Average Voter to wait Ten Weeks. A skilled and experienced orator such as Mr Johnson is able – with a bit of effort – to persuade the Average Voter to wait Ten Months. Persuading the Average Voter to wait Ten Years is a job for the Almighty and He is not going to get involved!

    To those British Gazette readers who do not know what Flexcit is, herewith three You Tube videos in which the learned and excellent Doctor Richard North – an expert on the EU and the issues surrounding Brexit – explains things.
    Below, Part One:
    Below, Part Two:
    Below, Part Three:

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